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Top 10 Chocolate Breakfast Cereals

So it’s not exactly candy, but an Addict’s gotta have some reason to wake up in the morning. Sure, grabbing a Snickers and calling it a morning meal is always an option, but for those nutritionally-minded readers looking to load up on vitamins and minerals before noon (I kid, I kid – we all know these are basically incognito candy bars), I – Candy Addict’s resident cereal expert – am happy to bring you our list of Top 10 (or so) Chocolate Cereals. Honorable Mentions go out to Cap’n Crunch’s Choco Crunch, Chocolate Chex, and Life Chocolate Oat Crunch, but without further ado, let’s get our AM sugar fix…

10. Chocolate Honeycomb

Chocolate Honeycomb
Described on the box as “sweetened corn and oat cereal with artificial chocolate flavoring.” Mmm. Honestly, I’ve never tasted this one, but I can only imagine it’s an improvement on the Original which, in my memory, approximated the experience of chewing on stale Styrofoam peanuts. (Fresh Styrofoam peanuts have more flavor.)

9. Chocolate Lucky Charms

Chocolate Lucky Charms
Just like the standard Lucky Charms, except those annoying bits of cereal that get in the way of the marshmallows are chocolate flavored, making them slightly less annoying (though still, arguably, disposable).

8. Extreme Crème Taste Oreo O’s

Oreo O’s Box
White speckled chocolate flavored O’s with miniature crème flavored mashmallows. Not quite the same as a freshly-dunked Oreo, but not a bad pre-dawn substitute and the marshmallows were a particularly nice touch. Don’t get too excited, though. These babies were discontinued in 2007.

7. Special K Chocolatey Delight

Special K Chocolatey Delight Box
“Crunchy rice and wheat flakes with chocolatey pieces.” A delight indeed. It is noteworthy that this cereal does not contain ACTUAL chocolate (in fact, the ingredient list reads “chocolatey chunks”), but not a terrible compromise for the cereal that brought you its own diet. Something leads me to believe that two bowls of this a day might not find me a pants size smaller in two weeks.

6. Smorz

Smorz Box
Released in 2002, this combo of chocolate graham cereal and marshmallows brings your favorite campfire treat indoors. As good as it is, however, I gotta tell ya that my brother and sister and I did it better (and much earlier) when my mom slept late and we found ourselves with a box of Golden Grahams, mini marshmallows, and chocolate chips. (And fyi, we also pre-dated Kellogg’s Rice Krispies Treats cereal by at least a decade.)

5. Cookie Crisp

Cookie Crisp Box
They’re miniature chocolate chip cookies that you eat for breakfast. Shall I go on?

4. Cocoa Puffs

Cocoa Puffs Box
The devilishly delicious counterpart to my childhood staple, Kix, with all of the kid-tested and none of the mom-approved. Crunchy. Airy. Chocolatey. Mix ‘em with Corn Pops. Seriously. Chocolate-covered popcorn you eat with a spoon. It shouldn’t work, but it does.

3. Count Chocula

Count Chocula Box
Chocolate corn cereal and colorful marshmallows, Count Chocula promises “a spoonful of spooky fun in every bowl.” It always reminded me of Halloween, with that unforgettable mascot and his lesser-known brothers, Boo Berry and Franken Berry (different fathers, maybe, with those last names?), which is never a bad thing.

2. Reese’s Puffs

Reese’s Puffs Box
A mix of chocolate and peanut butter flavored corn puffs. I was never one of those crazy Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup fans but these will convert even the least enthusiastic amongst you. With milk or dry. Morning, noon, or night. Happy or sad. From now until forever.

1. Cocoa Pebbles and Cocoa Krispies

Cocoa Krispies and Cocoa Pebbles

That’s right, a tie. Two classic flavored crispy rice brands that magically turn your boring milk into chocolaty goodness by meal’s end cannot compete with each other. Neither was allowed in my house as a child (in fact, no Pebbles of any ilk were), but I watched TV on Saturday morning; I went to sleepovers. Chocolate milk speaks for itself.