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Three New Candy Addict Writers

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I’m pleased to announce that we have three new writers coming on board Candy Addict. Ali, Amy, and Jennifer will begin posting this week. Here is some info about each of them.


Hi, Candy Addicts! I’m Ali. I’m mom to four kids and three doggies and wife to one hubby (not in any particular order of love or affection because that varies hour to hour). Candy is my ultimate BFF: she’s there when you need her, she’s a great listener, she doesn’t judge, and she doesn’t offer unsolicited advice.

I’m super-duper excited to join the Candy Addict team. I love to write and I’m addicted to the sweet stuff – both high qualifiers for the job as it involves writing and eating sweet stuff! As an added benefit, I’m looking forward to using my kids as guinea pigs on some yucky candy or even yuckier candy. Yep, easily amused. :)


Hi! My name is Amy, and though I’m a writer and editor, I’m a first time candy reviewer. I have to admit, I didn’t realize they reviewed candy, but if they can review pig’s knuckles from Sweden on the Travel Channel — well, I’d much rather read about candy. I look forward to exploring new and old candy alike and sharing my discoveries with you.


Hi! My name is Jen and I’ve been addicted to candy for 37 years (seriously can’t remember anything before age 2) and am still an active candy addict. In my house there are many, many candy stashes. I have my own which must be protected. There’s one for the kids and an extra stash with the kids stash so my husband can steal from their stash and not my stash!

Anyway, I’m happy to be an official “Candy Addict” and I look forward to sharing all my candy experiences with you!

With three new writers on-staff, you can expect more of the candy reviews and articles that you’ve come to love and expect from Candy Addict!

New Year, New Writers!

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It’s a new year, and that can mean only one thing! Headaches and hangovers? No! New writers for Candy Addict!

Actually, some of you may know them from our sister site, Snackerrific. Our fabulous writers Jim, Diana, Linda, Allissa, and Rachel have joined us here at Candy Addict. At the same time, you may find articles by some of your favorite Candy Addicts over at Snackerrific.

Here’s hoping your New Year is safe, happy, and sugar-laden, and a big welcome to our new(ish) writers!

Three More Candy Addict Writers Added To Our Staff

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inkwell cartoon
We’ve just added three more writers to our staff! Meet Laurie, Nick/Nico, and Robby:

From Laurie:

Hey all you out there in Internet Land! I’m Laurie, and I’ve been an all-around foodie and Candy Addict since childhood. I’ve been able to indulge the foodie side of my personality in my day job as a cookbook editor, and now I get to explore my Candy Addicted side as a writer for this fine website. Chocolate, gummies, weird ethnic candy with names I can’t pronounce – I love it all, and now I’ll be able to share it all with you, the reader! As the only Canadian currently writing for the site, I also hope to be able to provide some insight into the mysteries of Canadian candy. (Did you know Smarties are chocolate in Canada? Madness!)

From Nick/Nico:

My real name isn’t Nico, but he’s my enigmatic candy persona. More stylish than I, Nico sips cappuccinos and drives a black Lexus. When someone pays seven dollars for a 3 oz. chocolate bar, that’s him – not me. When someone thinks it’d be great to make coffee-flavored fudge for all his friends at midnight, that’s him – not me. And when someone jumped up and down about the chance to blog about sweets for the greatest candy site of the new millennium, that was… oh wait, that was me. Fact is, we’re both glad to be here, and I’m eager to read your comments about my toothsome explorations.

From Robby:

Salutations! (I like to use that word whenever I get the chance.) Candy and I go way, way back, and I have the dentist bills to prove it. As a kid, I adored candy for its innocence of flavor and the pure embodiment of fun. But as I grow older, I have come to be fond of candy in new ways, the way a bottle of wine gets better with age.

Candy for me is no longer about the taste (O.K., that’s a lie, but it’s not just about the taste). Candy is about biting into a Snickers and instantly I am three-years old, living in a yellow duplex in West Los Angeles, and my father has just handed me a piece of something and he says, “I know you’re just going to like this.” I love candy for its smells, textures, and associations, each piece I ever tried being an edible journal entry of what I was doing the moment I first tasted it, like when I discovered the flavor blue raspberry (swimming at Rancho Park’s city pool).

I look forward to sharing my memories, thoughts, and new experiences with you other awesome addicts out there and hope to get a taste of yours along the way.

Please welcome them to the staff and look for new candy articles from each of them soon!

Four more Candy Addicts join the staff

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Candy Addict logo
Recently, we put out a call for more writers and we stopped taking applications after three days when we had 50 applications. After a grueling application and interview process, four writers stood out from the rest and were offered positions on our staff. So, I’d like to introduce you to the newest Candy Addicts: Julie, Lance, Marcella, and Monica…

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Candy Addict Is Expanding (and I don’t mean our waistlines)

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Candy Addict

UPDATE: We are no longer taking applications

If you’ve ever wanted to get paid to write about candy (and get free candy to review), now is your chance! Candy Addict is looking for some more writers to add to our staff!

What are we looking for in a Candy Addict writer?

  • Excellent writing skills
  • A love of candy
  • The ability and time to write a minimum of 5 articles a month for the site
  • A sense of humor that comes through in your writing
  • Familiarity with HTML – you don’t have to be an HTML guru, just have some basic knowledge

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