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Wrigley Trivia Answers

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Juicy Fruit
We recently gave away some Wrigley gum and mints by having a Wrigley trivia contest. Turns out those questions were hard and not one single person got all of them right. The most we had was 5 correct (two people). We ended up giving the prizes to the top 5 closest to getting them all correct.

So, if you haven’t seen the quiz yet, go check it out. If you want to see the answers they are below. Highlight below to see the answers:


That Wrigley librarian really knows his/her stuff! Thanks go out to Wrigley for the excellent questions and prizes!

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Wrigley Trivia Contest – win free gum and mints!

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Life Savers Ornomints
Good news Candy Addicts! Our friends over at Wrigley are showing the holiday spirit and want to share some of their great products with Candy Addict readers! We’ve decided to have a Wrigley Trivia Contest to determine who gets the free goods!

Wrigley Heritage Tin - SpearmintThere will be 5 winners, each will receive 3 Wrigley Heritage Tins (Juicy Fruit, Doublemint and Spearmint) and 3 Life Savers Orn-o-mints (in red, green and blue). The first person to submit the correct answers will win one prize pack and the other four winners will be randomly chosen from all correct winners.

Here are the details on the prizes:

Wrigley’s Heritage Tins are decorated as your favorite Wrigley’s flavor, Doublemint(r), Spearmint(r) or Juicy Fruit(r) and contain (12) five-stick packs of gum; four of each of these well loved brands. The vintage inspired tins fit wonderfully in a stocking or add flavor to any holiday coffee table or countertop. Post holidays when the gum has been chewed, the tins can be re-used to organize and store small household or office items.

Life Savers Orn-o-Mints are the perfect holiday gift or entertaining accent and are filled with iconic Life Savers candy. When decorating a tree or your home for the holiday, Life Savers Orn-o-Mints are a perfect compliment. Available in three colors, blue, red and green, the ball shaped “orn-o-mints” are a fun edition to any holiday setting. They can also be used to spice up any holiday gift when tucked next to a gift tag.

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Candy Commercial: Orbit Raspberry Mint Gum

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I love this commercial. It doesn’t make me want to go out and buy Raspberry Mint Orbit Gum, but it does makes me laugh every time I see it. Here’s a transcript:

  • Lint Licker: You son of a biscuit-eating bulldog!
  • Stinky McStinkface: What the French, Toast?
  • Lint Licker: Did you think I wouldn’t find out about your little doo-doo head Cootie Queen?
  • Cootie Queen: Who are you calling a Cootie Queen, you Lint Licker!!!
  • Lint Licker: Pickle you, Cumquat!!!!
  • Stinky McStinkface: You’re overreacting!
  • Lint Licker: No Bill, overreacting was when I put your convertible into a wood chipper. Stinky McStinkface!!!!!
  • Cootie Queen: You Hoboken.


Wrigley’s Birthday

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wrigley logo

William Wrigley Sr., the founder of Wrigley, was born on this date, September 30, in 1861. Let’s take a few moments to appreciate where we would be right now without the wonderful products from Wrigley: Doublemint, Big Red, Juicy Fruit, Winterfresh, Extra, Freedent, Orbit, Eclipse, Hubba Bubba, Big League Chew, Altoids, Life Savers, and Creme Savers – to name a few.

Candy Addict was started on October 2, two days after the birthday of William Wrigley Sr. – coincidence? I think so.

NOTE: Wrigley donated a BUNCH of candy/gum/mints to our giveaway. A BUNCH! So go enter!

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Wrigley’s Believe It or Not: Metallic Gum

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Wrigley's Spearmint Gum
Okay, I confess. I am addicted to gum and mints. I can’t help myself. I pop one after I eat, while I am driving in the car, at my desk, and in the movie theater. My addiction knows no bounds. I am having one right now! Don’t judge me. I know I am not the only one who loves the feeling of minty fresh breath anytime, anywhere. For people like me, Wrigley is here to help.

There have been many developments in gum technology over the years. We have seen gum that whitens, gum that fights tooth decay, gum that gives you more energy and gum that comes in six feet of bubble tape (for you, not them). Adding to this growing market of dual-purpose gum, Wrigley has developed a patent for metallic gum.

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