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Candy Art: Candy Wrapper Jewelry and Home Accessories

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Candy Wrapper Bracelet
A couple of years ago (yeah, we were that up on the trend), Brian wrote an article about Ecoist’s Candy Wrapper Handbags, a line of bags made from recycled and repurposed candy wrappers, food packages, and soft drink labels. Well, since then the whole Green Movement has really taken off and Ecoist has kept pace by expanding their popular line to include bracelets, coasters, napkin rings, and placemats.

Now I ask you, what better way to proclaim your support of sugar in public or at intimate dinner parties? It’s like the Livestrong bracelet for green candy fans. (That would be environmentally-friendly Addicts, not those of you with a penchant for a certain color M&M – though you can get in on the action, too.)

Like Brian, I have yet to identify any recognizable brands (these are 100% handmade in Mexico and Peru and my guess is that many of the wrappers are those of Latin American treats), but the origins of both the eye-popping, confetti-like palette and the chic silver line are undeniably sweet. And for the more brand-conscious amongst you, Ecoist produces equally stunning products with packaging from Coca-Cola and Diet Coke, Luna Bars, Dasani water, and a “swirl” that looks conspicuously like the Good Humor logo.

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