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Candy Review: Reese’s Whipps

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Reese's Whipps
It’s a sad day when a friend and I sit down to excitedly rip into a new candy, only to take a bite and realize we share the look of disappointment. I like most Reese’s products, so I was pumped about trying their Whipps bar. I’m still sad about the disappearance of the limited edition Elvis Reese’s Cups, and was hoping that Whipps would help me along in the grieving process. I should have stuck with fond memories of the Elvis Cups and looked elsewhere for comfort.

The basic premise of Whipps is that it’s a lower-fat-than-average candy bar combining the usually unbeatable flavors of chocolate and peanut butter. I’m not sure how the candy inventors at Reese’s could get something so wrong, but they did.

The chocolate coating on the 1.9 oz Whipps bar is too thin and almost tasteless, and the nougat is akin to the fluffy filling in a 3 Musketeers bar, but grainy and peanut butter-flavored. The only tasty part of the Whipps is the thin ring of Reese’s peanut butter between the chocolate and nougat, which hardly makes the bar worth buying.

After finishing the Whipps, I felt unsatisfied and craved a Reese’s Cup (maybe that’s a great marketing ploy!). What’s the point of eating a candy bar with “40% less fat” if it doesn’t taste good? If I want something sweet with less fat than most candy bars, I’ll eat an apple – not a Whipps bar, which, lower fat or not, packs a hefty 230 calories.

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