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Candy Review: Kit Kat Caramel

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Kit Kat Caramel

Ardent readers or Kit Kat fanatics will recall that Breanna wrote about the Japanese version of KitKat Caramel a year or so ago, and that it was her favorite out of several foreign KitKat varieties she tried. Well hold on to your kittens, ‘cuz a Kit Kat Caramel variety has now come to the USA.

Breanna wrote that Japanese KitKat Caramel tastes more like butterscotch, and has tiger stripes. What about the domestic version? And why do so many people like Kit Kats, anyway?

Well of course you know why people like Kit Kats. As Dr. Steve Brule on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job! might say, “It’s the texture, dummy!” Indeed it is. Kit Kat’s crispy wafers mixed with chocolate have been a good combination since developed by Rowntree (of York, UK) in 1935. And who doesn’t like snapping off those nice little candy fingers? Well, you can forget that with the Kit Kat Caramel. And no, it doesn’t have tiger stripes, either.

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Candy Review: Kit Kat White

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Kit Kat White

My family raised me on dark chocolate. Everything good had to be dark chocolate – bars, covered raisins, even cookies. Milk chocolate was tolerated in my family, but was often considered only a viable alternative when dark chocolate could not be found. However, white chocolate was banned.

I am not sure what my parents had against this confection, but whatever their reasons were, I too decided I hated white chocolate. I never bought or consumed the stuff for years.

It wasn’t until I started dating someone who hated all forms of real chocolate, and thus loved white chocolate, that I even gave it a second glance. I pretended that I too adored white chocolate, for the sake of appearing to be on the same page. To my surprise, whenever we shared a Zero or white chocolate Toblerone, I found myself enjoying it.

Since then, I have been consuming more and more white chocolate. There aren’t many popular brands readily available for purchase, but there are a few. KitKat White just happens to be the one that recently caught my eye at my local H.E.B.

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Candy Review: Butterfinger Crisp

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Butterfinger Crisp

Even though I ate this Butterfinger Crisp about a month ago, I kept the wrapper for article writing purposes. Now I find myself sitting here, sniffing the wrapper and desperately wishing it still had some candy inside. It’s a 180 turn around for me, because when I got it I wasn’t really all that excited about it. I’m just not a die-hard Butterfinger fan – while I like the texture and flavor, I find the whole thing just a bit too sweet.

This bar is a huge improvement on the original. It still has the delicate flakiness of a Butterfinger bar, but it’s sandwiched between several layers of plain wafers, and then the entire thing is covered with chocolate. It’s the love child of a giant Kit Kat and a classic Butterfinger, only way better.

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