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Vitaball Vitamin Gum

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Have you or your kids ever found excuses to skip your multivitamin? I’ve seen ads for Vitaball Vitamin Gum for quite some time, and since I love gum and should take vitamins, I decided to do some research. According to the Vitaball website, their product is acceptable for people age five or older, and should be chewed for a minimum of five minutes.

The original assortment comes with cherry, bubble gum, grape, and watermelon gumballs. Vitaball Wild ‘N Fruity offers lemon, strawberry, orange, and berry. Minis are only available in bubble gum flavor, and three gumballs instead of one should be chewed to get the product’s maximum benefit. A thorough question and answer section explains important details like nutritional content, and whether or not it’s harmful to swallow Vitaball (it’s not). Each regular-sized gumball contains 4 grams of sugar and 100% of the recommended daily allowance of 11 vitamins.

A container of 36 Vitaballs runs about $8 online, and you can check the company’s website for retailers near you. I haven’t yet decided if I’ll try Vitaball, but maybe the novelty of the product will help me commit to a vitamin regimen. I wonder if kids can get out of trouble for chewing gum at school if they claim mom gave it to them as their vitamin?

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