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Candy Review: Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

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Twizzlers Rainbow Twists

I was scouring a gas station candy aisle for some delicious chocolate confections when a bright red, happy, $.79 package of Twizzlers Rainbow Twists screamed “New!” and “A Low Fat Snack!” at me. Though I generally find plain red Twizzlers dull and rarely buy them, I jumped at the chance to try them in six different fruity flavors (and with only a gram of fat for the whole serving). My chocolate fix could wait.

And these do look delicious. The Twizzlers are brightly colored, opaque and shiny, and my 1.9 oz package contained one each of grape, blue raspberry, watermelon, lemonade, orange and strawberry flavors. I’m not sure how new this candy is, exactly – it’s not listed on the Hershey’s site, and I’ve seen reviews of it dating back to late 2006.

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Candy Review: Fresh From The Factory Twizzlers

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,New Candy,Soft Candy

Tub of FFTF Twizzlers
Hershey’s new “Fresh From The Factory” candies are shipped to you within 96 hours of them being made at the Hershey’s factory so you get them at their freshest. About two weeks ago I reviewed Hershey’s new Fresh From The Factory (FFTF from now on) Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups and I wasn’t overly thrilled with them. They are good but not that much better than the original. I suspected though, that FFTF Twizzlers would be better than the original by leaps and bounds. I was right.

I’ve never really liked Twizzlers much. I am more of a Red Vines man. I always thought eating Twizzlers was like gnawing on a rubber hose – very chewy and mostly tasteless. My wife, however, loves Twizzlers and has for years. I know, how can a Twizzlers-lover and a Red Vines man live in the same household?

I received a 5 lb tub of FFTF Twizzlers and aside from the great smell, the first thing I noticed is how soft they were. To best illustrate how soft and fresh they are, I took the pictures below.

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