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Top 10 movie theater candy

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Summer is upon us, and that probably means you’ll be spending a lot of time at the movie theater. Forget about the popcorn (Here’s an insider secret from someone who used to work at a movie theater: it’s usually stale because a lot of places store uneaten popcorn in trash bags for the next day); you’ll enjoy your movie a lot more with a candy treat – and you won’t have to worry about getting butter everywhere.

Movie theater candy

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Here’s a list of the best movie theater candy that will be worth your $12 (that’s about what they’re charging these days, right?):

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Candy Review: Twizzlers Sweet and Sour Filled Twists

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Twizzlers Sweet and Sour

The last few Twizzler spin-offs haven’t really been anything special for me. Despite the popularity of the cinnamon variety, they just weren’t my thing. The same holds true for the less popular Rainbow Twizzlers. Actually, I don’t really care for any Twizzlers that aren’t the strawberry or cherry flavors.

At the All Candy Expo, I was given a complimentary tote bag to lug around all the goodies I would be receiving, and it happened to be already filled by an assortment of products, including those donated by Hershey’s. I guess they were trying really hard to make sure no one in press missed any of their new products.

It wasn’t until I began cataloging my hoard that I even noticed the red and yellow Twizzlers in my bag. “New Twizzlers Sweet and Sour Filled Twists” the wrapper advertised. I wouldn’t have every picked these up at a store, but since I was given them it couldn’t hurt to try them.

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The Great Licorice Debate: Twizzlers vs. Red Vines

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Twizzlers Vs. Red Vines
At beginning of each new year, I like to spend some time devoted to thinking “deep thoughts” and pondering important philosophical matters. So my question to you is: Twizzlers or Red Vines?

When I first developed my love of licorice, I was living on the East Coast. I grew up eating Twizzlers. No funky flavors like they have now, mind you, just yummy, plain old strawberry Twizzlers.

Then, I moved to the West Coast. I was a bit perplexed because, at the time, I couldn’t find any Twizzlers. All I could see were these things called Red Vines. I asked a friend where the Twizzlers were, and she was horrified. Our conversation went something like this:

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Candy Review: Twizzlers Mixed Bag

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Variety of Mixed Twizzlers

Photo by Anthemic Tangle

I love licorice. So when I came across a value pack of mixed Twizzlers flavors it was like Christmas came early. The bag had a bunch of flavors I’d never heard of, along with some that were more familiar. Each flavor is wrapped in its own cellophane pouch so you can take your time making your way through the bag and you can open as many or as few as you like at any given time. Very convenient and a good way to make the bag last!

Strawberry Twists: The most familiar in the bunch were the strawberry twists. These come two to a pack and are about 1/3 the size of a regular Twizzler. These have an artificial strawberry flavor and are a little softer and less waxy than regular Twizzlers. I don’t mind a bit of waxiness in my licorice so I didn’t find the wax factor off-putting in any of the flavors.

The rest of the bag consisted of different Pull-n-Peel flavors. These bits of licorice pull apart into licorice ropes like I used to eat when I was a kid, except these have way more flavor. I have to confess that I love to play with my food. So playing with the Pull-n-Peel flavors was almost as much fun as eating them!

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Candy Review: Cinnamon-Flavored Fire Twizzlers

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It’s a good day for a Candy Addict when you stumble upon a new candy that rocks your world. I was in Walgreen’s the other day picking up a prescription for my newly-acquired bronchitis (long story) and what did I see but a display of new Fire Twizzlers. A cinnamon Twizzlers! When had these come out? I had heard nothing about them! With my love of all things cinnamon, especially Atomic Fireballs, I had to try them.

twizzlers_fire_bent.jpg These Fire Twizzlers are of the “Pull – n – Peel” variety; nine shoestring-thin ropes stuck together to make one solid rope. As you can see from the picture, they are nice and fresh and wonderfully soft. If you like hot cinnamon candy like Fireballs, you’ll love these.

Some of the bites have a nice spicy flavor to them that just tastes good. Some of them have a really spicy kick to them that makes me say “Damn, this is hot!” (but in a really good way). I love these things. They’re way better than Chewy Atomic Fireballs. These are the best non-chocolate candy I have eaten in ages and I am awarding them our coveted Awesomely Addictive Candy Award. I’m on my second bag in less than a week. Awesomely Addictive Candy Award

I talked with someone from Hershey’s and was told that “Fire Twizzlers are a customer exclusive – available only through Walgreens” – so if you want some of these, Walgreens is the only place to find them. The “Twizzler brand team” is supposed to be getting back with me with more information, but I wanted to go ahead and get this review out. I’ll update it if I get any more good info.

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