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Less Candy Is Not Fun

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Fun size candy is not fun

In case there was ever a doubt, now it’s official since it’s on a t-shirt. Fun size candy is not more fun.

WARHEADS for Baldheads!

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What’s better than eating candy? Eating candy and supporting the fight to end kid’s cancer! It looks like WARHEADS® has teamed up with St. Baldrick’s Foundation and is sponsoring the organization’s second annual t-shirt design contest. In case you’re not familiar with the organization, St. Baldrick’s Foundation raises tons of money during its fund-raising events and donates it for childhood cancer research. Brave folks who shave their heads bald stand in solidarity with kids fighting cancer.

St. Baldrick’s Foundation

As if supporting a worthy cause wasn’t enough, the winner of the t-shirt design contest will have his or her design on some 60,000 people donning the shirts for head-shaving events. To, ahem, sweeten the pot more, WARHEADS® is giving the winner a 25 oz bag of WARHEADS® Extreme Sour Hard Candy, a WARHEADS® t-shirt, bandana, beanie and water-bottle. Oh, and there a super sweet $250 cashola prize for the winning designer and a $250 donation will be made to the Foundation in the designer’s name. WARHEADS® thinks we’re all winners so the second and third place submissions will also receive the WARHEADS® prize pack and their designs will be sold in the St. Baldrick’s CafePress store. So, check out St. Baldrick’s Foundation and thank WARHEADS® by buying their candy because we should encourage the positive things corporations do, too.