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Top 10 Candies That Remind Me of Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber is just so hot these days. His music beckons teenage girls to cry and scream over and over again. Since he’s just a “baby” himself, I thought that he probably, most likely, LOVES candy. Now, this Top 10 list is not a list of candies that Justin Bieber eats himself (well maybe a couple of exceptions). It’s more like a list of candies that when I see them, they just make my heart go a flutter thinking of Justin. If you’re a Bieber fan and like his music, I hope that you’ll enjoy the Top 10 candies that remind me of Justin Bieber.

#10: Sour Patch Kids

Sour Patch Kids 2 ounce Bag

Sour Patch Kids used to be Justin’s favorite candy. But, after mentioning that they were his favorite candy, he began being pelted by them on stage during his concerts. He ended up eating too many and getting sick of them. While they are no longer his favorite candy, they used to be and that counts for something.

#9: Crime Scene Tube Candy

Crime Scene Tube Candy

I know that this may not make sense to you but the Crime Scene Candy Tubes are in this list for two reasons. One, in honor of YouTube, where Justin posted many of his early videos to get started. And, two, because it would be a “crime” not to listen to Justin’s music.

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Top 10 Wished-For Candy

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A lot of the time, I wish candy companies had a suggestion box that went straight to the candy makers themselves. If such a thing existed, I would constantly bombard them with my dream concoctions of how they could revamp their products. This is a Top 10 list dedicated to candy I’d most like to see hit the shelves.

Fruit Stripe Lollipop

10. Fruit Stripe Lollipops: I, like all chewers of Fruit Stripe Gum, love the flavor, but hate how it disappears so rapidly. The solution? Make it a lollipop! You can lick, suck, and munch on the flavor all you care to, and for true lovers of gum, you could always insert it in the center.

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Top 10 Love ‘em or Hate ‘em Candies

Categories: Candy,Top 10 Lists

Love Hate Baby Knuckles
If there’s one thing I’ve learned since joining the Candy Addict staff it’s… well… it’s that any man, regardless of age, build, or boxer short selection is sexy in a tub full of jelly beans. But also that candy, despite its sweet nature, can be a very divisive subject. Sure, it’s hard to quibble over a Milky Way or gummi bear, but there are definitely a subset of treats capable of launching many an impassioned… shall we say… discussion. A discussion I bravely had with our esteemed writing staff and also a few well-respected friends in order to bring you (that’s right – you) our Top 10 Love ‘em or Hate ‘em Candies.

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Top 10 Best Spin-Off Candies

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If it weren’t for The Tracey Ullman Show, the world would have never had The Simpsons. Animaniacs gave viewers Pinky and the Brain. And where would we be if The Daily Show didn’t serve up The Colbert Report? This is a Top 10 list dedicated to candy spin-offs that not only succeeded in becoming sufficient candies on their own, but also surpassed their predecessor’s glory.

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