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Free Reese’s T-shirt has arrived!

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Free Reese's T-shirt

Two months ago I wrote about a “contest” Reese’s was having and giving away 100,000 Reese’s T-shirts. I pretty much guaranteed that you would get a free t-shirt if you signed up (sign up ends today).

TodayI received my free Reese’s T-shirt! WooHoo! Anyone else sign up for it and get one too? You can’t beat free stuff, can you? So, now I have three candy-related t-shirts: my Nerd shirt, a Diablo t-shirt, and now my Reese’s shirt. You would think a Candy Addict might have more, but that’s it. There are plenty of other candy t-shirts I would love to have though.

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Free Reese’s T-Shirt

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Free Reese's Tshirt

I just found out about this “sweepstakes” from Hershey’s where they are giving away 100,000 Tshirts. It’s labelled as a sweepstakes, but there is no drawing involved. The first 100,000 get the shirts. I just stumbled on this and haven’t seen it anywhere else (web, TV, etc.). I googled it and found it mentioned on only two places so I bet they haven’t had 100,00 entries yet.

You don’t even have to buy the Reese’s – if you look at the official rules, you can just send in a piece of paper as your “entry” and it will get you one. I sent mine in yesterday. I figure it’s worth a few minutes and a 39-cent stamp to get a Tshirt. I’ll let you know when/if I get one. The “sweepstakes” ends July 7. No guarantees you will get one, but if I were a betting man I would bet you will get one given that this hasn’t been heavily publicized.

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Nerd Tshirt

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Nerd TShirt

I wrote about this super-cool tshirt previously and my sister came through for me on my birthday and got one for me. I still think it’s the greatest Tshirt ever. So, after six months of writing Candy Addict, I now have my first candy tshirt. I’m wearing it right now and I’m feeling extra Nerd-y. Thanks, sis!

Candy Clothing: Operation Sweet Tooth

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Operation Sweet Tooth

I am a sucker (no pun intended) for a good tshirt and if it’s candy-themed then all the better. Threadless has just reprinted a great candy-themed tshirt called Operation: Sweet Tooth. What a killer (no pun intended) shirt. I’m not sure why “sugar” is spelled “suguar” though. Is that an inside joke that I don’t get? If anyone reading wants to get me a gift, I’ll take this shirt please, thank you. XL.

Operation: Sweet Tooth at Threadless

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Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious T-Shirt

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Crazy Delicious

If you like the SNL skit/rap of Chronic(what?)cles of Narnia as much as I do, you’re appreciate this new T-shirt that says Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = Crazy Delicious. I don’t think I have ever had Red Vines, but I can appreciate a good SNL skit and a T-shirt that has candy on it. Double True.

UPDATE: I found some Red Vines and reviewed them here.