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Easter Candy Review: Starburst Sour Jellybeans

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Starburst Sour Jellybeans
I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but there is a plethora of jellybean offerings on the Easter candy shelves this year. I say the more, the merrier, but not all jellybeans are created equal. I like sour candies, so I tried to determine which package of jellybeans might be the most sour. I decided upon the Starburst Sour Jellybeans because a) it clearly states SOUR on the package, and b) Starburst reliably delivers what I consider to be some tasty candies.

I was not disappointed! There are six fruity flavors in Starburst Sour Jellybeans: green apple, lemon, watermelon, tangerine, cherry, and blue raspberry (why is this flavor everywhere? I for one have never seen a blue raspberry, but maybe I am sheltered). The beans are a nice, compact size, and each is bursting with ample flavor. The exterior has a satisfying crunch, and the inner jellybean is dense and chewy. You also get a lot of jellybeans in a package, so they are a good value.

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Candy Review: Limited Edition Retro Starburst

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Starburst Retro

Starburst has finally jumped onto the Limited Edition bandwagon that so many other candy brands have been jumping on. While shopping at the local Wal-Mart, I came across these Retro Flavored Starburst at the checkout line. While the package is decorated in a Tie-Dye motif, indicating a 60′s theme, the flavors (or at least their names) actually span the 60′s-90′s.

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