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Candy Review: Super Mario 3-Dees Sour Gummy

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Super Mario 3Dees Sour Gummy Candy

Nintendo continues to cash in on its classic video game character, the Italian plumber – Mario!. This time they’ve come up with sour and non-sour gummy candies called Super Mario 3-Dees. I tried the sour version because I love sour candy! The gimmick here is the fact that the gummy candies are actually three dimensional figures, like gummi bears. They come in four flavors and four shapes. The flavors are: orange, watermelon, strawberry and mixed berry. The shapes are: Mario, Yoshi, Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong. The shapes do not denote the flavor as some candies do, but rather you could get say 3 Mario shapes in your bag but they can be all different flavors.

The candies are all brightly colored with pretty much standard colors denoting the flavors (ie: blue for the mixed berry, orange for orange, etc.) The texture is that of a pretty standard gummy and of course they have the nice sour coating on top that gives a little crunch if you bite into it right away. As for the flavors, they are pretty much standard fruit flavors, there is nothing really outstanding about them.

It’s pretty obvious that these Nintendo candies will appeal more to kids who just love Nintendo games or the Nintendo collectors out there. The Super Mario 3-Dees really have two things going for them: one is the fact that these are three dimensional candies, not flat like Sour Patch Kids, and two that they are Super Mario characters. Otherwise, they don’t stand out as any better than other similar candies on the market today. If you’re buying them for the flavors, I think you’ll be disappointed but if you love Nintendo stuff or have kids that love Mario, these are great!

Candy Review: Brach’s Sugar Free Lemon Drops

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Brach's Sugar Free Lemon Drops

I was excited review the Brach’s Sugar Free Lemon Drops. Lemon drops aren’t really a sexy candy to review. But it’s a hard and sour candy – both of which are right up my alley.

I liked that the candies are individually wrapped. That’s helpful for grabbing a few and dropping them into your purse/pocket/lunchbox.

In the end, it’s a good lemon drop. It’s not as good as a full-fledged made-with-real-sugar lemon drop. But it’s got quite a bit of flavor. I missed the sparkly sugar coating that you get on some lemon drops. But I guess an isomalt coating wouldn’t have been a hit either.

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Sour Punch Video Contest: Like sour candy? Get your camera out and win $5000!

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Sour Punch Video Contest

I like a good sour candy and all the weirdness that accompanies eating it…. the lip-puckering, the eye-watering, the body-twitching. Now’s your chance to share your involuntary, sour candy-eating reflexes with the world!

Sour Punch candy announced a contest called “How Far Would You Go?” The winner of the contest gets 5000 big ones, and there are some weekly prizes too. Get all the details on the Sour Punch Facebook page.

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Candy Review: Yupi Sour Sharks

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Yupi Sour Sharks Tub

I find that any Dollar Tree store is a plethora of unknown candies that I never find in the big box stores. I just love the variety of candies they offer. So, when shopping there recently, my youngest son, who is CRAZY into sharks right now, says “MAMA!!!! Look, shark candy!! Please!!” How could I say no? Especially when it’s only $1? You can tell I said yes by the fact that they are now on my kitchen counter in the photo.

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Candy Review: Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits

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Skittles Fizzl'd Fruits
Skittles and I have had a pretty good relationship over the years. They make the bite-sized, fruit-flavored candy; I eat the bite-sized, fruit flavored candy. It’s a relationship that has served us both well. There’s also, like, a billion different flavor varieties of Skittles on that market, and I love every single one of them. Well, I guess that’s not entirely true. I’m not really a fan of Wild Berry Skittles, and I absolutely cannot stand Sour Skittles. They burn holes in my tongue, I kid you not. Recently, Skittles popped out another new variety: Skittles Fizzl’d Fruits. Naturally, I had to give them a taste. Spoilers: I don’t like them.

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