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Candy Review: Sesame Snaps In Chocolate

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Sesame Snaps In Chocolate

“That’s not candy, is it?” This was the response of my family when I told them that I would be reviewing Sesame Snaps In Chocolate for Candy Addict.

“Sure it is,” I argued. “They’re in the peanut brittle family. And besides, these ones are coated in delicious dark chocolate. Real chocolate too, not that fake stuff.”

But I admit, I also had a little trouble getting my head around the idea of Sesame Snaps as candy. As a kid, they were just a thing my mother would give me in my lunch or to keep me quiet on long car rides. They were kind of like fruit snacks – they couldn’t possibly be candy because, obviously, your parents would never pack candy in your lunch every day. Like, duh! Even the new chocolate coating didn’t help. After all, there are lots of things you can coat in chocolate without making them candy. Sardines, for example, or roofing nails.

“We’ll settle this debate with a review,” said I.

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