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Candy Event: Creating With Candy With Beth Kimmerle

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Pretzelfly Pops

The last time I headed into Dylan’s Candy Bar it was for a fairly hideous Swedish Fish event. So, it was with some trepidation that I ventured back for a media get-together with Beth Kimmerle, author of Chocolate: The Sweet History and Candy: The Sweet History (among others). Thankfully, I was pleasantly surprised by how enjoyable the afternoon turned out.

The event basically showcased Beth’s crafty creations using candy. Some of the things were absolutely amazing (I especially liked the pretzel butterflies – see above), and all were great ways to find creative uses for candy as well as being fun to do with the kids. Beth is a big fan of Life Savers Gummies (who isn’t?) and a lot of her creations seem to utilize the tasty treats. One big thing I found out is that the packaging is changing for Life Savers Gummies – instead of that tubular thing that never seemed to hold quite enough, they’re now coming in small bags. They’ll still fit in your purse, but you get more. Woot!

When we left we got a gift bag containing the ingredients to make some of the creations. Now, let’s face it: these tasty candies are never going to make it past the “open package insert into mouth” stage of creation, but it was a nice thought. We also got some of the recipes highlighted at the event, and I thought our more ambitious readers might enjoy trying one out. So, without further ado, here’s the recipe for those gorgeous Pretzelfly Pops:

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Candy Recipe: Lots-a-Luv Cookies

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Lots-a-Luv Cookie

Valentine’s Day is inching closer and closer. And people always say the best gifts are ones given from the heart, but nothing says “I love you” better than something from the heart for the stomach.

So in honor of all those lovey-dovey cherubs hovering by, here is my February candy recipe of the month. I call it my Lots-a-Luv Cookies. These babies are sure to wow anyone you present them to because they aren’t the sort of things you would just hand over to anybody.

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Candy Recipe: The Kitchen Sink Bar

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Kitchen Sink Bar Ingredients

I am a sucker for sales. Candy, clothes, puppies (well, I’ve never really seen a puppy sale, but you can bet if there were such a thing, I would be driving home with a car full of them) – you name it, I’ll buy it.

On a recent grocery trip to my local H.E.B., I stumbled across one of their super saver sales where you buy one product and get a whole bunch of others for free. In this case, if you bought a chocolate or vanilla white chocolate coating, you would also receive a bag of pretzels, pecans, and marshmallows on the house.

I didn’t really need any of those things, but I figured I am always in need of chocolate for my recipes, so stocking up seemed like a good idea. Undecided about whether I wanted to purchase the milk chocolate or white chocolate variety, I bought both and thus had two of all the freebies.

Once I got home and the sale-high wore off, I realized I was stuck with a lot of food I don’t usually eat. If only there were some way to combine them all…. Could it be possible? I mean, pretzels, marshmallow, pecans, and chocolate don’t seem like they all gel together, but who has tried them all at once? Putting my culinary wits to the test, I was determined to come up with a confectionery treat that utilized them all. The result? My January candy recipe of the month I call the Kitchen Sink Bar.

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2008 Recipe Roundup

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Making candy at home is a wonderful holiday activity that can become a tradition for any person, family, or group of friends. While we’ve discovered many Awesomely Addictive candies, candy you make yourself can often be tastier and more satisfying than anything you can buy in the store.

You probably can’t remember the first time you bought a lollipop or a piece of fudge, but making your own candy at home is something you (and your children, if you have them) will never forget. If you’d like to make some special holiday memories by making candy this New Year’s Day, we at Candy Addict would like to share our 2008 candy recipes with you.

Some of the recipes are holiday-themed, but don’t let that stop you from enjoying them. Either change them around to fit your New Year celebration or celebrate all the year’s holidays at once! Yum!

From the familiar flavors of peanut butter, powdered sugar, and coconut to unusual combinations involving alcohol to the truly weird, Candy Addict has you covered.

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Candy Recipe: Peanut Butter Hard Candy

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Homemade Peanut Butter Hard Candy Ingredients

So I haven’t been an official Candy Addict for long, but you may have noticed that I like to make candy as well as eat it. And if you’ve read any of my other posts, you’ve undoubtedly read about my grand affinity for peanut butter candies.

I am delighted to be able to introduce each and every one of you to my absolute favorite candy ever. This candy cannot be bought in a store, at a mall, or from a circus vendor. To my knowledge, this candy can only be obtained from your own kitchen. (Unless someone gives it to you as a gift, but I promise you that I never give this stuff away.)

This candy makes my mouth water just thinking about it. I could eat an entire 1.5 quart plastic container of it in one day. I hide it from my children. To me, the four words that make up this candy’s name are just an alternate way to spell “holiday” or “delicious” or “love.” This candy is peanut butter hard candy.

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