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Candy Review: Edward Marc Gourmet Chocolates and Pretzels

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Edward Marc candy boxes

photos in this post courtesy of Anthemic Tangle

Looking for a gorgeous chocolate gift? Whether you’re treating yourself or someone else, Edward Marc has some lovely goodies to share with you. I recently received of a box of Edward Marc gourmet assorted chocolates and a box of chocolate peanut butter pretzels to review.

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It’s very classy and elegant, without being stuffy. My immediate thought was “Ooh, this would make a nice gift!” When I opened the box of chocolates, I was delighted to see that the inside was even prettier than the outside.

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Candy Review: Lindt Raisin & Nuts Bar

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Lindt Raisin and Nuts

Lindt chocolate is what I consider a higher quality chocolate, definitely better-tasting, more “sophisticated,” if you will, than Hershey or M&Ms chocolate. Of course, if you put the words “Swiss made” on anything, I get a little dreamy eyed. To make things even better, Lindt chocolates are available at common stores like Wal-Mart and Target. That means when I go grocery shopping I can buy whole wheat bread for my health and premium chocolate for my happiness. Lindt is like the best of both worlds – high quality and affordable.

When I found out Lindt would be sending me a milk chocolate bar to review, I was excited but then promptly forgot about it. (Just like I forget to put the clothes in the dryer when they’re finished washing…) When the bar arrived, I was surprised and a little apprehensive to see that they’d sent me their new Raisin & Nuts Classic Recipe bar. I, uh, don’t like raisins… but I do like nuts! I can handle this.

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Candy Review: Sweetriot UnBar

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Sweetriot UnBar
I swear, I try not to be the Candy Curmudgeon, so this is not going to be a rant about the packaging of the Sweetriot UnBar, or its silly name. You know if you are the kind of person who is annoyed by puns and wants to poke someone in the eye when you hear the word “yummy.” If you are, you might want to just grab one of these and rip it open without looking too closely.

But you might indeed want to grab one of these, either way. Sweetriot’s sense of humor might be annoying but this chocolate definitely was not. If there isn’t an old cliche that says that you should not judge a candy by its cover, there should be.

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Candy Review: Cadbury Chocolate Bars

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While on a mission at my local Ralph’s, ostensibly for drinks and cleaning supplies, I decided to make a detour into the candy aisle. I didn’t expect to buy anything, as I’m fond of spending as little as possible, and only tend to indulge in my sweeter passions when they come at a decidedly inexorbitant fee. As it turned out, deviance from my intended path proved unwise. The store was holding a major chocolate sale – and Hershey’s bars weren’t the only discounted items.

Indeed, sweets from all over the world were marked down! Hazelnut-studded Ritter squares from Germany touted their half-priced goodness alongside super-dark French varietals which, even after their markdown, sold for $4.50 apiece. While all of these were tempting, my eyes were drawn to the Cadbury selections. At 4/$3.00, the British candy maker’s offerings were competitively priced with the offerings from Hershey’s and Nestle. How could I resist? Four scrumptious-looking Cadbury bars were on display, and one of each found its way into my basket. Three extraneous dollars later, I was out the door with my British booty.

Arriving home, I arranged the bars before me on the kitchen table and took inventory. My collection, swathed in a wrap of regal purple, included Cadbury’s Dairy Milk, Royal Dark, Fruit & Nut, and Caramello bars. I eagerly opened my first 99-gram (3.5 oz.) bar and bit in.

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Candy Review: Dark Chunky

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Dark Chunky Wrapped

I have to confess that before reading Jamie’s review of Chunky, I had only eaten one in my entire life. Why? Well, I think Stewie Griffin from Family Guy said it best:

“Yeah, that’s what kids want in their candy. Fruit. Why don’t you put sunflower seeds in the Ding Dongs while you’re at it?”

But because of Jamie’s professed love for this underrated candy, I bought one shortly after her review. Now, kids might not like fruit in their candy, but as an adult (sorta), I found my tongue had grown accustomed to the flavor I had once disliked.

I wasn’t in love with Chunky, but felt the two of us had patched up a hole that had separated us for so many years. I also believed that would be the last of our meetings. Boy was I wrong.

This past weekend, I popped into the Dollar Tree store to purchase some GooGoo Clusters. To my surprise, stationed right next to them was the new Dark Chunky. I was caught off-guard since I hadn’t heard anything about this product’s release. Though I felt Chunky was O.K., I wondered if dark chocolate was the missing element in the equation.

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