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Pop Rocks Presents: Build Your Own Skeleton Pops

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Skeleton Pops Bag

Have you ever wanted to build your own skeleton out of lollipop sticks? Pop Rocks is now giving budding Frankensteins the opportunity to piece plastic bones together into complete skeletal bodies. Strange timing for this new candy to come out (wouldn’t the announcement be better off closer to Halloween?), but the Build Your Own Skeleton Pops should be available by April of 2007.

What I first believed to be edible skeletal (that’s fun to say out loud!) remains turned out to be something different. The lollipop itself is strawberry swirl. The collectible, buildable aspect comes in with the stick. Each stick is actually a bone, and multiple pops must be eaten before you collect enough parts to create an entire skeleton. Here’s an excerpt from the press release:

These unique treats are available in seven different individually wrapped collectible bone styles, skull, rib cage, arms (2), legs (2), and hip, that that snap together into a free-standing 20 inch skeleton play figure. Featuring fact-filled packaging that encourages kids to learn all about the human skeletal system, Build Your Own Skeleton Pops are collectible, fun, delicious and educational.

Pop Rocks Build Your Own Skeleton Pops Box

It’s great that a company has finally figured out a creative use for the stick of a lollipop. I collect them, but I never know what to do with the sticks afterwards and they almost always end up in the recycle bin. Now at least I’d have a creepy-cool skeleton after all that licking. Skeleton Pops will be available in stores starting this April, at $0.99 per bag, or in a larger bag of seven pops for $5.99.

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion

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Pop Rocks Cotton Candy

Cotton candy and Pop Rocks. The combination seems kind of weird at first. On the one hand, you’ve got your cotton candy. It’s sugary and wispy and fluffy, and it melts the moment it hits your tongue. When a handful of Pop Rocks hits your tongue, you definitely know it by the way it crackles and fizzes. Come to think of it, cotton candy and Pop Rocks aren’t too different from each other. Experiencing both has a lot to do with texture and sensation as well as flavor. So I guess the combo isn’t so weird after all.

Pop Rocks Cotton Candy Explosion is a limited edition flavor (aren’t the new ones all available for a limited time only these days?) set to hit the shelves this month. Unfortunately, they’re so new that I haven’t had any luck finding them online, so they may or may not be at stores yet. I think I’ll pick up a packet or two if I find them!

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Pop Rocks Partners with American Idol

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Pop Rocks

The sixth season of Fox’s popular reality series American Idol is under way, and Pop Rocks is coming along for the ride. Pop Rocks is launching a new song contest: I Want to be a Pop Rocks Star. Kids enter by writing a song about their favorite crackling, popping candy and must send it in along with two proofs of purchase. Apparently, winners will be chosen at random from the pool of all entries, and details about prizes are still sketchy so early into the year.

If you know a young person who’s brimming with musical pride over carbonated candy, tell them to keep an eye out for this contest. Who knows? Maybe they’ll end up as Pop Rocks’ own American Idol, hopefully without having to hear any dream-crushing insults from Simon Cowell.

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Peculiar Pop Rocks Facts

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Pop Rocks book

No other candy has served the American imagination more than Pop Rocks. Okay, maybe the stories surrounding M&Ms could compete with the ones spawned from Pop Rocks, but you have to admit, dying from ingesting candy and Coke is pretty remarkable.

What’s just as remarkable is the real life history of Pop Rocks, told in a book by Marv Rudolph called Pop Rocks: The Inside Story of America’s Revolutionary Candy. The Boston Globe did a short Q & A with the author, and here’s what he had to say about the famously fizzy candy:

Q You write that when food chemist Bill Mitchell invented Pop Rocks, he wasn’t trying to make a candy.

A He was trying to carbonate Kool-Aid. He first made a carbonated ice. They actually made a product out of it. Imagine a hockey puck that was made of carbonated ice, and they would coat it in chocolate. A customer would drop it in a glass of milk, and it would bubble and they’d have an instant ice cream soda.


Q How long before the exploding kid rumors started?

A It must have started within six months. Their consumer hot line was going 24/7. People would go, “Are you the company that killed that nice little boy?” And right around that time, there was a rumor about spider eggs in Bubble Yum.

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What I found most interesting was the fact that creator Bill Mitchell is also credited with inventing Jell-O and Cool Whip. Truly a culinary genius!

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Candy Review: Candy Cane Pop Rocks

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Candy Cane Pop Rocks

Pop Rocks was one of my favorite candies as a kid. It’s one that wasn’t available at every store you went to, so it was kind of special when you got it. The popping candy was simply awesome. Now, Pop Rocks has come out with special Holiday-themed Candy Cane flavor Pop Rocks and when I saw them at my local candy store, I had to get some.

The Rocks themselves are mostly red (cherry?) with some scattered white ones thrown in. I’m pretty sure the red ones are cherry flavored and the white ones are peppermint. I didn’t really like the taste of the mix of cherry and peppermint – it just doesn’t work for me. It didn’t taste like a candy cane, and cherry-mint just isn’t a very good flavor combo.

It’s a good holiday gift and would make a great stocking stuffer for the kids, but I won’t be upset when the holidays are gone and Candy Cane Pop Rocks leave too. Give me some classic Cherry Pop Rocks any day.

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