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Candy Review: Chocolate PEZ

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Chocolate PEZ

PEZ is sorta like the razor blades of the candy world – Mr Gillette gave the razors away as long as you bought the blades, and it’s kind of like that with PEZ, too. It’s really more about the dispenser than it is about the candy, isn’t it? The official PEZ website is almost entirely dedicated to the dispersers, with the candy very nearly an afterthought.

Until now I’ve found most of the PEZ flavors to be pretty okay – nothing to jump up and down about (and definitely not with a razor in your hand). This year’s contribution to the PEZ flavor roundup is… drum roll… chocolate! Chocolate is not normally a flavor I would associate with chalk-type candies, although it can work fairly well in boiled or hard candies. When I first opened the sample packet, I was surprised to find it had quite a nice smell – while not overwhelmingly chocolaty, it was nicely sweet without being sickening. The color is a very pale brown with darker brown speckles in it, not surprising given that most PEZ colors are fairly muted.

I really liked these, actually. The taste reminds me very much of Nestle Quick – my brain registers a very slight cinnamon-y edge to these as well, even though I can’t say for sure if there is any cinnamon in the ingredients. It might be the chalky texture which reminds me of the drink mix – it’s what I imagine it would be if it were compressed into a tablet.

All in all, I think the chocolate isn’t going to satisfy the hardcore chocoholic, but it makes a nice change from the other options (cola, various fruit flavors, and Sourz) currently available.

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Candy Art: How Dracula Eats PEZ

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Dracula Eats Pez Candy

I’ve mentioned before my ongoing search to find cool ways to incorporate my love of candy into my home decor. We’ve found gummi bear lights, candy-themed furniture, candy-inspired pillows, and even chocolate coasters. Now all I need is a print of Count Dracula eating PEZ!

Granted, it’s not Halloween, but seriously, what’s wrong with keeping the spirit of eating candy alive every day on my wall? Especially when it’s the Count in all his PEZ-eating glory. He must be Count Chocula’s brother, since his tastes run on the sweet side. A terribly clever image both in subject matter and artistic execution. I’m sure you’re all screaming “I want it!” along with me.

Grape Scratch and Sniff PEZ T-Shirt

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Grape PEZ Scratch N Sniff T-Shirt

I was recently browsing when I came across the Grape Scratch and Sniff PEZ T-Shirt. A scratch and sniff shirt? How cool is that! It’s candy, it’s grape-y, it’s retro, it’s everything you could ever want! I was seriously tempted to buy until I read the description and realized that after about five washings the scratch and sniff goodness wears out. Bummer. I mean, I can rewear with the best of them, but after so many run-ins with baby puke and toddler mucus it’s going to have to go in the wash.

Plus, it occurred to me that the exact location of the logo might present problems – “Hey, my shirt is scratch and sniff! Sniff me right there!” Not good. I’m just thankful the thought came to me before I bought it and tested it out. Still, a guy secure in his masculinity might enjoy it… and probably won’t have to worry about that whole washing conundrum either! actually has quite a few cool candy-themed tees (mostly for the ladies) like Tootsie Roll, Fun Dip, Bubblicious, more PEZ shirts, Chupa Chups, Dubble Bubble, and Blow Pop.

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Nintendo’s Sweet Game

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Nintendo Game Cube Candy

What’s the best thing to eat while playing Nintendo? Candy, of course. If you can’t play Nintendo though, you may as well be eating Nintendo candy. We decided to compile a comprehensive list of all the Nintendo-themed candy we could find and present them to you. Enjoy!

Leave a comment if you know of any we missed!

PEZ Stem Tshirt

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PEZ Stem Tshirt

We mentioned PEZheads – The Movie (a PEZ documentary movie) previously, and now they’ve opened up pre-orders for the DVD, set to ship in September.

PEZheads – The Movie is a documentary about PEZ and PEZ Collectors. It explores the phenomenon of PEZ collecting through interviews with a variety of collectors and vendors, as well as visits to conventions, the PEZ factory, flea markets, and anywhere else we can find PEZ.

This documentary highlights the fun and quirky aspects of the hobby, as well as the community and the friendships that develop around it. It explores the PEZ phenomonon from the viewpoint of non-collectors and collectors alike, as well as collectors’ families and friends.

This movie is for the PEZhead in all of us. So whether you’ve never purchased a PEZ dispenser in your life, or your house is full of PEZ, you will be fascinated by the people and places you’ll encounter in this documentary.

To be honest though, I am more excited about their new PEZ stem t-shirt (seen above). Wear it and your head becomes the head on a PEZ dispenser (from the front and back). Pure genius! I’d love to see a picture of someone wearing it. They also have two other unique PEZ t-shirts that are both on sale – one is $10 and one is $12. They are nicely done too, but I think I’d spend a few bucks more and get the PEZ stem shirt, personally.

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