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Candy Review: Monkey Mints and Pirate Mints

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Monkey Mints
(banana-flavored Monkey Mints)

Along with the Bacon Mints I reviewed earlier this week, I also received two tins of banana-flavored Monkey Mints and two tins of grog-flavored Pirate Mints. Thankfully, the horrid smell of the Bacon Mints didn’t permeate the sealed Monkey Mints and Pirate Mints tins.

Monkey Mints: The first thing that you notice about Monkey Mints is the cool monkey-face-shaped tin. It’s almost worth the cost of the mints just for the cool green tin. Once you actually open the tin, you’ll see 100 round yellow mints. When I first popped one in my mouth, I immediately thought of a banana Runt. After a second, the mint taste came through. Banana and mint isn’t a flavor combination I had ever considered before, but it’s not bad. Neither flavor is overwhelming and they mix rather nicely actually. And seriously – who doesn’t like monkeys?

Pirate Mints
(grog-flavored Pirate Mints)

Pirate Mints: The Pirate Mints say they are “Grog Flavored”. I had heard the word “grog” bandied about in pirate movies and always thought it meant beer. After looking at the ingredients list and Googling the word “grog”, I found out that grog is watered-down rum (the ingredients list says they contain “rum flavor”). The “mints” taste like a tropical (rum) drink and don’t have any actual mint taste to them all. I suppose they are called “mints” because they look like mints, have the texture of mints, and come in a mint tin. They taste pretty good – like a rum-flavored candy. It’s not a taste I can see myself ever craving after this tin is finished though.

So, both the Monkey Mints and the Pirate Mints are good, but nothing special. They’re really better as a novelty candy/tin than they are great-tasting. At least they don’t taste like bacon.

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Just Like Dad Bubble Gum Cigarettes

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Just Like Dad Bubble Gum Cigarettes

In honor of Father’s Day today, we bring you “Just Like Dad Bubble Gum Cigarettes”, a new product from Archie McPhee:

Satisfy your oral fixation with these classic Bubble Gum Cigarettes. Each 3-1/8″ x 2″ x 5/8″ pack contains twelve 2-3/4″ sticks of bubble gum that are cleverly disguised in a paper wrapping to look like cigarettes. We’re pretty sure that the Surgeon General will have no problem with you chewing a pack a day!

You gotta love that retro packaging! To all the fathers out there, enjoy your children and make some good memories with them. Give them a hug every day and tell them you love them. Happy Father’s Day!

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Gummi T-Bone Steak

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Gummi Steak

If there is one thing I am always saying, it’s that we need more candy that looks like meat. We had Gummi Bacon not too long ago, which was a good start, and now Archie McPhee brings us Gummi (or Gummy) T-bone Steaks. Just like the Gummi Bacon, the Gummi T-Bone is also strawberry flavored. Each delicious slab of strawberry flavored gummy meat is 4-3/4″ x 3-1/2″ and weighs an impressive 85 grams (about 3 ounces)!

Notice the great attention to detail in the packaging – the styrofoam meat package with the sticker on the front just like you bought it at the local grocer’s. You could make a whole meal out of this – pair it with a nice gummi lobster and wash it down with some wine jellybeans. I wonder …. if you’re a vegetarian/vegan, is it against the rules to eat a Gummi T-Bone Steak? :)

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