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Candy Review: Super Mario 3-Dees Sour Gummy

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Super Mario 3Dees Sour Gummy Candy

Nintendo continues to cash in on its classic video game character, the Italian plumber – Mario!. This time they’ve come up with sour and non-sour gummy candies called Super Mario 3-Dees. I tried the sour version because I love sour candy! The gimmick here is the fact that the gummy candies are actually three dimensional figures, like gummi bears. They come in four flavors and four shapes. The flavors are: orange, watermelon, strawberry and mixed berry. The shapes are: Mario, Yoshi, Diddy Kong and Donkey Kong. The shapes do not denote the flavor as some candies do, but rather you could get say 3 Mario shapes in your bag but they can be all different flavors.

The candies are all brightly colored with pretty much standard colors denoting the flavors (ie: blue for the mixed berry, orange for orange, etc.) The texture is that of a pretty standard gummy and of course they have the nice sour coating on top that gives a little crunch if you bite into it right away. As for the flavors, they are pretty much standard fruit flavors, there is nothing really outstanding about them.

It’s pretty obvious that these Nintendo candies will appeal more to kids who just love Nintendo games or the Nintendo collectors out there. The Super Mario 3-Dees really have two things going for them: one is the fact that these are three dimensional candies, not flat like Sour Patch Kids, and two that they are Super Mario characters. Otherwise, they don’t stand out as any better than other similar candies on the market today. If you’re buying them for the flavors, I think you’ll be disappointed but if you love Nintendo stuff or have kids that love Mario, these are great!

Candy Review: Paul Pape Chocomiis

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Paul Pape Chocomiis

Last year we brought you news of Paul Pape’s adorable Valentine Chocolate Miis. This year we got the pleasure of reviewing some of the early just-off-the-press samples!

There have been some design changes since last year – apparently, some of the Miis didn’t arrive in great shape, so now they’re on a slab of chocolate to help them stay in one piece. The heart, which last year was a red hot, is now a smaller sugar heart (yay – I hate red hots!). Of course, to a Candy Addict, the most important thing is that they’re still 2 solid ounces of gourmet milk, dark, or white chocolate.

The box is designed to look like the popular Wii game console; in fact, it looks so eerily similar, I’m thinking of sticking it under my TV so all my friends think I have one. Oh, wait, people would actually have to come to my apartment for that to work. OK, I’ll stick it under there so I think I have one.

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Nintendo’s Sweet Game

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Nintendo Game Cube Candy

What’s the best thing to eat while playing Nintendo? Candy, of course. If you can’t play Nintendo though, you may as well be eating Nintendo candy. We decided to compile a comprehensive list of all the Nintendo-themed candy we could find and present them to you. Enjoy!

Leave a comment if you know of any we missed!