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Ice Cream Review: Magnum Ice Cream Bars

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magnum ice cream bars

If you’ve seen the overtly sexual Magnum (“for pleasure seekers”) commercial on TV or seen the Magnum boxes in your grocer’s freezer and wondered if they were any good and/or worth the extra money, I can tell you quickly… yes and yes. The Belgian chocolate is delicious and the ice cream inside is really good, high quality ice cream. This is not ice cream you buy for your kids. If you’re looking for an adult ice cream indulgence, this is the ice cream for you. They coat the ice cream in a softer Belgian milk chocolate then they coat it in the chocolatey shell. Trust me, it’s delicious. Everything about these bars is heavenly.

The maker says “The super-premium ice cream bars are delicately crafted from only the finest ingredients, combining silky vanilla bean or rich chocolate ice cream with thick, crackling Belgian chocolate” and I wouldn’t dispute a word of it. I only tried Classic, Almond, and Double Chocolate but it’s also available in Double Caramel, White, and Dark.

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