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Candy Review: Love Hearts Dip

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Love Hearts Dip

One day a young Candy Addict is sitting in the playground, eating a pack of Fun Dip. The new girl sits down next to him, takes out her own pack of Fun Dip, and eats hers. Their eyes meet, and then [warp speed] they grow up, get married, and it’s Valentine’s Day. Stuck with either flowers again or chocolate (which would wreak havoc on her hips), our young Candy Addict remembers their Fun Dip days fondly… and buys his young love one of these. Valentine themed Fun Dip… albeit Fun Dip, British style.

Made by the Swizzles-Matlow company, Swizzles Love Hearts Dip is just as teeth achingly sweet, silly and utterly hokey as you would hope it to be. My flavor selection had “Orange Sparkle”, “Tangy Raspberry” and “Zingy Lemon” in it. Unlike the American version, all of these powders are fizzy, not unlike the Love Hearts made by the same company.
So, is the gift a success? Let’s consider each flavor:

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Candy Review: Swizzels Love Hearts

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,Foreign (non-US) Candy,Hard Candy,Holiday Candy

Swizzles Love Hearts

By now all our European and other non-US readers are wondering what the big hullabaloo is about conversation hearts. If you didn’t grow up in the US getting at least one Valentine with one of them stuck to a tear-out Mickey Mouse card every year, well, you would understandably be a bit lost. Lucky for all of you, I discovered a pretty good European equivalent!

At a local candy emporium I found a roll of “Giant” Love Hearts, made in the UK by Swizzles-Matlow. Upon untwisting the cellophane tube I found myself wondering if they were as good (as bad?) as Necco’s version. Appearance wise they are different – a round disk about 3/4 of an inch across, it’s got a heart relief-stamped into it. The hearts all have the appropriate messages, “True Love” “Be Mine” and so forth. There are a few modern ones, too, with “Email Me” and “Fax Me” – not to mention some seriously odd ones like “Be My Icon” (and lay on my desktop?!)

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