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Candy review: Knipschildt Chocolates

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Knipschildt chocolates heart

In my household, we don’t stand on romantic ceremony – I pick my own Valentine’s Day chocolates. So I have no one but myself to blame if I don’t get it right.

This year, I was too distracted to mail-order something in time. I am usually happy to take a rain check on a holiday – if George Washington can move his birthday around, why can’t I? So I was going to order something later.

But they had a big display of these Knipschildt chocolates at Whole Foods. I find it very hard to resist their boxes, covered with rough, colorful hand-made paper. I try to remind myself that I don’t eat the paper, but it doesn’t always work.

So I ended up with this lovely Valentine’s heart. Unfortunately, while the paper didn’t disappoint me, the chocolates did. They are beautiful to look at as well, but after the intense flavors of my recent experiences with Theo and Chuao, these just didn’t measure up.

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