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Candy Review: Jolt Caffeine Energy Mints

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Everyone remembers Jolt Cola, they hyper-caffeinated cola, right? Besides making Jolt Cola and Jolt Gum, now you can get Jolt Caffeine Energy Mints. The Mint Flurry flavored mints contain caffeine, guarana, and ginseng to give you a quick energy pick-me-up whenever you need it. Five mints equal the caffeine content of one cup of coffee and each tin contains 45 mints so a tin is 9 cups of coffee worth of caffeine.

The mints themselves are roughly the size and shape of an M&M and are off-white with a Jolt lightning bolt embedded in each one. They are very tasty too – probably the best tasting caffeine/energy mint I have had yet. The mint flavor is very nice – it reminds me of many of the “cool”/”icy” gum flavors that are out right now. The minty flavor doesn’t last long after the mint is gone, and because they’re tasty, it’s easy to eat five in a row to get the coffee cup’s worth of caffeine.

The mint’s texture is not quite as gritty as an Altoid, but not as smooth as an Ice Breaker. It lands somewhere in between and is just a little bit chalky like a Tums, but not overly so. Overall Jolt Mints are surprisingly good and since they are so tasty, I have no problem recommending Jolt Mints to anyone.

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Review: Jolt Gum

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Joly Gum

Does everyone remember Jolt Cola – the cola with all the sugar and twice the caffeine? I remember people in college pulling all-nighters to study for exams and they used Jolt and NoDoz to stay awake (NOT recommended). I tried NoDoz once and I truly felt like I was addicted to drugs. Never again.

Anyway, back to Jolt….the makers of Jolt thought they would spread their love of caffeine into the realm of gum and have created Jolt Gum, so just for kicks I thought I’d try it out. The package says “2 pieces of Jolt Gum = 1 cup of coffee”. Now I’m not a coffee drinker – I’ve always been afraid I would get addicted to it like my wife and mother are. I do drink Mountain Dew though, so I am no stranger to caffeine. I wanted to wait to try Jolt Gum ’til I was sleepy one morning but the morning I decided to try it I wasn’t any sleepier than usual.

I popped 2 pieces of Jolt Gum around 10:30AM on essentially an empty stomach. The gum is of the “chiclet” variety – the rounded rectangle shape as opposed to sticks of gum. The gum comes in both Spearmint and Icy Mint flavors and I tried one of each (separately). They both had good, strong minty flavors and the flavor lasted a long time – much longer than most gums last, though I didn’t actually time it.

About 15-20 minutes after putting the initial piece in my mouth I got a serious buzz – I felt a little light-headed and just slightly nauseous – I am attributing that to the caffeine kick the gum gave me (and it could have been the Ginseng and/or Guarana it also contains). To someone who drinks coffee frequently, the caffeine from a single cup of coffee could have little or no effect, but I definitely felt it.

So overall, the gum tastes good, the flavor lasts a long time, and I believe it truly does have the caffeine kick that it says it does. Drop by the Jolt Gum website to learn more or even to order some Jolt goodies – gum, cola, T-shirts, hats, etc. Be sure and check out the Jolt Gum FAQ – it has some really funny stuff in it like this:

Do you guys hang out with the 5th Trident dentist who wouldn�t recommend sugarless gum for his patients who chew gum? And shouldn�t they survey more than 5 dentists?
- Jeamie C., NY
A little known fact is that the 5th dentist is either a really really bright dentist or a hypochondriac…
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