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Jellio’s Wonderful World of Candy-Inspired Home Decor

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Jellio Sweet Death Candy ArtStrolling down Wooster Street in search of the Jellio Pop-Up Shop, I was suddenly captivated by a large, inviting sugar skull portrait made entirely of candy. A closer look revealed a unique piece of art whose myriad of colors and diverse candies came together to form something that was truly breathtaking. It was certainly enough to pique my interest and get me excited about the candy-inspired furniture inside.

A kind doorman welcomed me to the pop-up’s opening reception with a pack of Haribo Gold-Bears, and then I stepped into a vibrant, colorfully decorated room that would excite any Candy Addict®.

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Jellio Seat Hearts

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conversation seat hearts jellio
From Jellio, Candy Addict’s favorite candy-themed furniture maker, come “Seat Hearts” – conversation heart-shaped seats/ottomans in a variety of colors and messages.

Great for the special person in your life, or just to add some sweet fun to any room, our new Jellio Seat Hearts are the perfect way to show your romantic side. Choose from “Love You”, “Be Mine” or “Hug Me”.

Pink, Plum or Yellow

24” wide x 20” deep x 17” high.

Vinyl over foam. wooden legs

Jellio makes the kind of cool furniture I just wish I had the money to buy. Be sure and check out all of their other cool furniture too.

A Sweet Retreat: Candy Home Decor

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GummiLights All Lit Up
What better way to express your love of candy than with candy-themed furniture? Our friends at Jellio are at it again, busy working on a candy button bench (see below) – which looks suspiciously like a strip of candy buttons. Previously we wrote about their GummiLights range of lamps – they look like giant gummy bears but light up at night via small LEDs “in their butts.” Now available in seven colors, you can buy them individually or as a set of five.

Candy Button Bench The candy dork in me totally loves the things these guys come up with. All their furniture is based on images or items from childhood pursuits – from the Cupcake Seat to the Lite Table. They’ve also got a Candy Table – which unfortunately isn’t filled with candy (break glass for emergencies?) but instead with loads of plastic squirt guns.

Given that they make custom furniture, maybe we’ll have to convince them to fill those tables with some real candy – imagine it filled with Jelly Belly jellybeans! Better yet would be filling it with a whole selection of candy and then inserting a trap door whereby one could take out pieces to eat… uh-oh. Me thinks the IKEA el cheapo coffee table might be better for my waistline and my pocketbook (although certainly not as fun!)


Categories: Candy,Candy Art,Candy Gadgets,Classic and Retro Candy,Gummi/Gummy Candy


GummiLights are 7″ high, soft rubbery gummi bears that are decorations by day and lights by night. They are powered by batteries and LEDs so no cords to worry about! Available in red, orange, yellow, green, and white and they are only $125 each….at that price, I’ll take two!

Also from Jellio is Gumball Time – a clock made from an actual working vending machine. Poke around on their site for lots of other cool stuff made with or inspired by old toys – I like the Rubik’s Cube Table.

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