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Japanese Candy Review: Senjaku Four Seas Ice Cream Candy

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Senjaku Ice Cream Candy

Now that I’ve worked through my backlog of Christmas chocolate reviews, I thought I’d do something I haven’t done for awhile – review some Japanese candy from T&T. (Though Christmas chocolate is great too – don’t get me wrong.) I picked up a couple of items, the first of which is this Senjaku Four Seas Ice Cream Candy.

But to start with, let’s get something out of the way. Yup, I’m reviewing Asian candy. Asian candy that contains milk and was, in all likelihood, made before the whole melamine scare. Would I chug melamine-contaminated milk by the glass? No. But the tiny amount of milk in one or two hard candies isn’t going to contain any more than a truly infinitesimal amount of melamine – if it contains any at all. I’d call that an acceptable risk, but if it bothers you, no one’s making you eat them.

If you’re not phobic about that sort of thing, there are a lot of really tasty milk-flavored Japanese candies around. There’s even a type that’s actually called “milk candy,” a condensed milk-based chew that comes plain and in various flavors, from caramel to corn (for serious!). These Ice Cream Candies aren’t milk candy, though really, it doesn’t get much milkier than ice cream. However, Senjuku one-ups American offerings like the Baskin-Robbins candies by making these not just ice-cream flavored, but also ice-cream shaped.

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Japanese Candy Review: Super Lemon

Categories: Awesomely Addictive Candy,Candy,Foreign (non-US) Candy,Hard Candy,Sour Candy

Super Lemon

Hardcore sour people are like hardcore chili people: always looking for the next fix, forever buying products with labels like “X-treme Sour,” only to be disappointed again and again. As someone who craves intensely strong flavors in both food and candy, it’s a pain I know all too well. (You’ve heard of a supertaster? I’m pretty sure I’m the opposite.) Well, my sour-loving friends, today I’m going to share with you the one candy that always satisfies my sour cravings: the Nobel Super Lemon.

“Oh, Candy Addict Staff Writer Laurie,” you’re probably thinking, “how sour can they be? The bag doesn’t even have the word ‘sour’ on it.” It’s true – in contrast with American sour candies, which scream “Crazy Mouth-Blasting Sour!” if they’ve ever been within a three-foot radius of a grain of citric acid, the packaging seems downright sedate, giving little hint of the pummeling your taste buds are about to receive. (Note that these are also imported by a brand called Santa, who sells them in a different-looking bag, but I’m pretty sure it’s the exact same candy inside.)

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Candy Review Followup: Kai’s Campaign ’08 Candies Bipartisan Set

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Kais Candy Election Bipartisan Candies Set

Caitlin told you about these goofy election candies a few weeks ago, but here’s a quick report that the Bipartisan and Republican Sets are now available. (Candy Addict stands firm in maintaining that candy knows no political party; candy loves red, blue, and purple states; and candy always seeks common ground.)

Now, supposedly the McCain face was undergoing a makeover (hmmmm), and yes, his lollipop face doesn’t look too bad because the eyebrows are pronounced. But take a look at McCain on the little candies in the lower part of the photo above. I’m not sure you can tell, but I coulda sworn that was Casper the Ghost! I’m not saying McCain’s old, but… seriously, when you see one of these in person you’ll think it’s a comic book character of the spectral variety.

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Asian Candy Review: Pocky Brazilian Pudding

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Pocky Brazilian Pudding

A recent Saturday afternoon found me cruising the aisles at a large downtown Chinese market that I’d somehow never been to in all my years of living in this town. Naturally, I made a beeline for the candy section. All the usual suspects were there – Kasugai and Lotte gummies, White Rabbits, and a few other things I’d never seen before.

“Ooh, a new flavor of Pocky,” I said to myself. No, not out loud, in my head – what, do you think I wanted all the other shoppers to think I was crazy? “The box is kind of pretty. Wait, what the… Brazilian Pudding? What in the blue blazes is Brazilian Pudding?” The only things I could name that came from Brazil were Brazil nuts, jaguars and Brazilian waxing (and we are so not going to go there on a family website). None of those things had anything to do with pudding or Japanese chocolate-coated pretzel sticks.

My curiosity had to be satisfied, so I picked up a box. After all, there was a toucan on the front, and I’ve never been steered wrong by a product with a toucan on the box. (OK, the only food product I know of with a toucan for a mascot is Froot Loops, but I’ve never had a bad bowl of Sam’s finest.)

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Japanese Candy Review: Pucchoco Almond and Chocolate

Categories: Awesomely Addictive Candy,Candy,Candy Reviews,Chocolate Candy,Foreign (non-US) Candy,Soft Candy

Pucchoco bag

I love me some Japanese candy, and usually the Asian markets in my area have a good supply. But lamentably, I have never been able to locate the Puccho brand of chews. A unique texture combining the soft chew of Starburst with tiny balls of gummi and, sometimes, fizzy candy bits? Sign me up! And the flavors sound great – melon, cola, and especially ramune. (Ramune is a Japanese soft drink that’s a lot like 7-up or Sprite. It has an indescribable flavor that’s almost lemon/lime… only not. The flavor is totally addictive, whether in candy or drink form, and there’s nothing quite like it outside of the Japanese candy market.)

So on a recent trip to my local Asian mega-grocery store, the T&T, I was elated to encounter the elusive chew at last. Sort of. Instead of a paper-wrapped “stick” or an awesome plastic tube thing, they came in a small bag. Very small. They were also expensive – $2.99 for the tiny bag. On sale. The regular price was nearly five bucks. (Oh, T&T – I love you so, but come on, what’s with your prices?) Instead of “Puccho,” these were called “Pucchoco” – that’s right, they’re chocolate-covered. And rather than being fruit or soda-flavored, they were almond-flavored – a new one on me.

It wasn’t ramune… but it would do.

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