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Candy Ramadan

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Candy Bar Cake

(Image Courtesy of Its Candy Bouquet)

Back in June, in my Top 10 NEW Candy Holidays list, I proposed bringing some additional sweetness to National Candy Month with the introduction of Candy Ramadan – a high holy month for Candy Addicts. Little did I expect that my words would become Gospel (how’s that for further religious bastardization?) for one reader (and self-described “depraved candy slut”), who embarked on a 30-day “religious candy pilgrimage” towards her 30th birthday, making “daily candy offerings” (read: eating candy every day) and humorously detailing it in her blog.

Her amusing posts are basically mini reviews covering candies that span 5 continents (from the regional American Big Cherry to a Japanese candy lacking an English translation) and more than a handful of decades (the classic Cow Tales to the brand spankin’ new Premium M&M’s). Her just-finished month-long journey, marked with delightfully keen descriptions and patented phrases like “violent pink,” “fruit-abetically,” and “like a kid in a porn store,” is a big FU to the dental industry and food pyramid alike and a definite must-read for Candy Addicts. So go check it out, wish her a “Happy Birthday,” make a donation to the Reese’s Piece Corps’ Operation: Af-Candy-Stan (for real!), then click below to read my interview with this disciple.

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10 Questions for Candyman David Klein

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David Klein

In 1976, “Candyman” David Klein came up with the idea of a gourmet jelly bean that featured a then-unique fruit flavored jelly interior. He approached the Goelitz Candy Company and together they created one of the finest manifestations of sugar in the history of the universe, Jelly Belly jellybeans. Considering that Jelly Bellys have figured prominently in my young Addict life (in my youth, they brightened many a dreary Cleveland Sunday and they literally accompanied me to every single one of my Intro to Philosophy classes in college), I was thrilled (and a little star struck) when recently granted the opportunity to ask 10 (or so) questions of their creator.

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A Candy Conversation: 10 Questions for Sweet As

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Sweet As Shopfront
When I’m at the local mall and I feel like a sugar fix, I can almost always find a Sweet As store to run wild in. A vast majority of my reviews here are done from candy I bought there, as Sweet As is one of the biggest (if not the biggest) candy superstore here in Melbourne. The stores all have a Great Wall of Sweets which literally reaches from floor to ceiling and is jam-packed with new and classic candies. With seven stores operating and two more on the way, this is some serious candy loving going on for the people of Melbourne. Recently I had the opportunity to interview Cheree Smith, one of the family members who run Sweet As. Considering that Australia is often described as “America in the 1950′s” it was interesting to see if this applied to candy trends as well.

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