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Candy Review: Ococoa Butter Cup Collection

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Ococoa Banner

I was recently given the opportunity to try a box of Ococoa’s Butter Cup Collection. I thought I knew chocolate. I thought I knew what flavors go well with chocolate (peanut butter, mint, and Sunkist, to name a few). I thought I knew what to expect from a box of chocolates. Then came Ococoa.

I get a lot of mail and have been receiving two to three packages per week for the last few months. When a box arrived last week, I assumed it was a homeschooling product I was expecting and didn’t bother to look at the return address. I got a knife, sliced the tape on the box, opened the flaps, and said, “I smell chocolate….”

That is a very pleasant, very enticing way to open a package.

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Candy Review: Divine Chocolate

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Divine Assorted Chocolate Bars

(Images from

I think it typically goes something like this: friends… good, enemies… bad. Sharing… good, hoarding… bad. Chocolate… good, Buttered Popcorn jelly beans… bad. If I’ve learned nothing else in my quarter-century, these things I know. (Except for maybe that sharing thing – I think that might be more of a case-by-case kind of situation.) So armed with these all-important nuggets, I recently dug into a thrillingly sizable box of samples I received, splayed its contents out on my coffee table, and summoned my three roommates, the visiting sister and brother-in-law of one of them, and the sweet-toothed Bengali friend of another, to join me in a chocolate sampling, sponsored by Divine Chocolate.

Founded in the U.K. in 1998, Divine Chocolate is the first ever farmer-owned Fair Trade chocolate company. With their mission of improving the livelihoods of small-holder cocoa farmers in West Africa, Divine Chocolate is co-owned by the farmers of Kuapa Kokoo Farmers’ Cooperative, who receive fair trade prices for all of their cocoa, share in the company’s profits, and benefit from numerous community development projects and initiatives funded by Divine. And all these things I just rattled off? All good things. Which gave me pause, I have to admit, as I unwrapped the first of my (very generous sampling of) chocolate bars. With all these positives stacked up pre-tasting, where, I worried, might the equal and opposite list of negatives reveal itself?

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Candy Review: Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate

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Dove Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate

Hello, Dove chocolate. Where have you been all my life? Apparently Dove first hit the streets with the Dovebar ice cream treat in the 1950s. Since then Dove offerings have trickled onto supermarket shelves, and now there are cookies, chocolates, and ice cream (and speaking of Dove ice cream, you should really try it if you haven’t. The pints have a top layer of chocolate, so you break through the chocolate barrier to get to the ice cream. I cannot emphasize enough how incredible this is).

But, I digress. The matter at hand is some new chocolate from Dove, namely three flavors of the Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate line. The flavors are Roasted Hazelnut, Blueberry Almond, and Peanut Toffee Crunch. Each 3.53-ounce box holds three individually wrapped bars, which psychologically might be a good thing, since you can avoid feeling guilty if you eat just one of the wrapped packages.

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Candy Review: Reese Hazelnut Crème

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Reese Hazelnut Creme

The way I see it, there are two ways to make a Reese’s special edition candy, and they hinge on the two main elements of a peanut butter cup: the peanut butter, and the cup. You can take that distinctively dry, salty, crumbly peanut butter and use it in a non-cup format, with results like the Reese’s Crispy Crunchy Bar, and even non-candy items like Reese’s Puffs Cereal and Reese’s Cookies. Or you can take the cup format and mess with it: change the size (Reese’s Big Cup), the shape (Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs), the chocolate coating (Reese’s White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups), and/or the filling (Reese’s Elvis Cups).

Since there are so many ways to alter the Reese’s formula and still be able to get away with putting a Reese’s logo on it, it’s no surprise that Hershey has been milking this cash cow for all it’s worth – Reese’s has had more special edition flavors and other spin-offs than almost any other candy (except maybe Kit Kat). Keeping that in mind, today’s candy was probably inevitable: the Reese Hazelnut Crème cup. (They’ve decided to keep the accent on “crème,” perhaps hoping to evoke, say, crème brulee rather than marshmallow creme or numerous other “We can’t legally call it ‘cream’ because there’s no dairy in it” products.)

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Candy Review: Ferrero Prestige Collection

Categories: Candy,Candy Reviews,Chocolate Candy,New Candy

Ferrero Rocher. Ferrero Rondnoir. Ferrero Garden Coco. They just sound fancy, don’t they? And make no mistake: they certainly are.

The Mercedes-Benz of drugstore candy, the Ferrero Rocher is a dreamy ball of chocolate-hazelnut bliss; a porcupine of deliciousness with a crunchy hazelnut heart and a gooey chocolate center, all wrapped up in a golden wrapper that says, “I am something very special.”

The golden wrapper signifies something very special, indeed. You have to be special to rock a golden wrapper. In fact, you can’t get away with wearing a golden wrapper unless you are:

a. Awesome
b. In a dance recital
c. Someone’s wacky Great-Aunt Helen on Christmas Eve
d. Ferrero Rocher

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