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Candy Review: Stride’s Shaun White Wintermint Gum

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There are just so many gums on the market right now that it’s hard to make any kind of decision on what you wanna chew. There must be at least 4 or 5 different mint flavors per brand from what I see in the checkout lines, not to mention all the fruit or combination flavors. I’ve even seen gum that’s supposed to taste like desserts. Now Stridehas come out with a new Wintermint gum sponsored by snowboarder Shaun White.

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Candy Review: Dentyne Pure Gum & Stride Spark Gum

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Dentyne Pure gum

Dentyne Pure

Dentyne Pure gum touts that it will “purify your breath” with natural botanical accents. The claim is that it “Neutralizes bad breath odors caused by bacteria and food.”

Mint with Melon Accents

The gum is a standard square shape, white with a harder candy coating over top of it. Upon the initial “chew”, the mint flavor is almost chemical in taste. This was almost a complete turn off from chewing it any more. But, as a Candy Addict, I must persevere. The candy shell breaks easily and the gum underneath is a good soft, but not too soft gum. The mint flavor is very sharp at first but does mellow off into a more natural mint flavor as I chewed. As for the “Melon Accents”, I never found them. Once in a while there might have been a hint of something other than mint but it disappeared just as fast as it came on. As for purifying my breath, it only did that so long as I was chewing the gum. Once I finished the piece, there really wasn’t any long-lasting effect.

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Candy Art: Bubblegum Paintings

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various chewing gum art

(Image Courtesy of Indian Cinema Fans)

Everyone who walks down a city street has seen them, blobs of bubblegum spit out on the sidewalk. It’s not a very distinguished end to a tasty piece of chewing gum. Well, someone has invented a fine solution to littered gum blobs. There is a gentleman in England by the name of Ben Wilson who turns these gum blobs into works of art.

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Make Bubble Gum Infused Vodka

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bubble gum infused vodka

Skittles-infused vodka is sooo 2008. This year, it’s all about the bubble gum-infused vodka! Toss a few pieces of your favorite gum into some clear alcohol, and a week or two later, you have a light pink alcoholic infusion that reminds you of your childhood (but is only for those of legal drinking age of course).

The bloggers at Taylor Takes a Taste recommend mixing bubble gum vodka with lemonade for a refreshing aperetif. They also recommend using your favorite vodka for this recipe, but being a cheapster, I would recommend using a less-expensive alcohol if you’re gonna flavor it like bubble gum. Choose your own adventure.

Candy Review: Dentyne Pure gum

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Dentyne Pure

It’s nice to take the occasional break from candy-eating and have a chance to try out some new gum. My two packs of Dentyne Pure couldn’t have come at a better time. I had just finished my morning latte and had an appointment with the eye doctor within the hour. I was a little apprehensive about having coffee breath and my mind wandered to all the terrible things people must deal with in their occupations. Massage therapists rubbing on a customer he would rather pay NOT to touch… Podiatrists with a funky-footed patient… an eye doctor treating a patient with medium-bold coffee breath. And now I’m back to reality.
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