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Candy Review: Medlow Fine Fruit Gels

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Medlow Fine Fruit Gels

When I went to the All Candy Expo I saw all sorts of candy, from the simplest hard candies to the newest, most progressive gourmet chocolate bars. Out of all the candy I saw and tasted while I was there, some of best were the Medlow Fine Fruit Gels.

I have something to confess: I have a special soft spot for Pate de Fruit. Yes, I love chocolate with all my heart, as well as retro candies and other sweets that I have no need to mention. I swooned over the Pate de Fruit samples sent for my Charles Chocolates review, and some may remember my love for the Whole Food’s variety. There’s something about the simplicity and sophistication of this classic candy that just makes me go weak in the knees. So my discovery of the Medlow Fine Fruit Gels at the Expo was one of the many high points of the trip.

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