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Hershey’s gives s’mores info and a FREE downloadable Rascal Flatts song

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Nothing says summertime fun like country music and the classic combination of pure Hershey®’s Milk Chocolate, graham crackers and marshmallows. Hershey®’s brand and Rascal Flatts have partnered to help fans celebrate summertime S’mores with the release of “Your Day to Get Away,” an exclusive downloadable song. For a limited time, the first 350,000 fans to visit can download the Rascal Flatts’ song specially crafted for Hershey’s S’mores.

Drop by to find S’mores recipes, the Rascal Flatts download, and a bunch more S’mores stuff!

Candy News: Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act

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Mars Real Chocolate Relief Act

The economy sucks and pigs are being blamed for zombie attacks (wait, did I get that swine flu thing wrong?), but luckily Mars has come up with a way to help everyone out. No, they’re not bailing out any banks or handing out surgical masks; instead, they’re giving away free chocolate. And lots of it!

In a campaign unleashed on the world this past Thursday, Mars has started giving away full size chocolate bars to unsuspecting passersby, in addition to unveiling their Free Chocolate Fridays program at Through the end of September, you can register on Fridays to receive one of 250,000 available coupons for a Mars chocolate bar. You have to be quick, though – if you take more than 5 minutes to register, you won’t get it. Registration starts at 9am on Fridays and ends at midnight (assuming all the coupons aren’t gone long before).

So forget your money troubles and germophobia and go get yourself some free chocolate. What could be sweeter?

Do You Need Free Candy?

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Free Candy

What’s better than candy? Free candy! Lots and lots of free candy. A large variety of free candy: bubble gum, jaw breakers, candy canes, suckers, Tootsie Rolls, peppermints, Smarties, oh my! And it’s all free, free, free!

“So what is it? Your leftover Halloween candy?” you may ask. No, my friend, this candy is fresh. This is December candy, not leftover October candy. This is Christmas Parade Candy!

My family went to our town’s Christmas parade last week. We actually weren’t thinking about candy at all – just thinking of the enjoyment we’d get from watching middle school bands attempt to play in tune, high school kids play tubas with scowls on their faces, and little kids sing Christmas carols as they shivered in the 10 degree wind chill factor. It’s a delight we anticipate each year. What could be a better way to celebrate the season than breathing exhaust fumes from diesel powered fire trucks and tractors for an hour? (Yes, we have tractors in our local parade….)

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