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Candy Review: Mars Fling Bar

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Hershey's Fling

photos in this post courtesy of Anthemic Tangle

Before I even tried Mars’ Fling, I was already smiling. The wrapper says “Naughty, but not that naughty.” Oh really? Do go on. The website explains that though the Fling is made of “premium chocolate” this little pleasure won’t make you feel too guilty because each finger of the Fling is only 85 calories.

Well, the packaging is fun and the concept is intriguing, but how’s the flavor? I tried two kinds of Flings: the milk chocolate and the hazelnut.

Each finger looks similar to a Twix, so I was expecting that kind of crunch and consistency. Wrong! Airy, whipped chocolate rests on a very light, brittle honeycomb-like bar, and then the whole thing is coated in chocolate. When I bit into it, the Fling snapped and crunched audibly. But the crunchy bit isn’t anything like the cookie crunch of a Twix – it’s hard to explain the texture except to say that the whole thing is really, really airy. I found them really fun to eat – unusual, and interesting.

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