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The Great Chocolate Experiment (Part 3) – Because You Asked For It

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Uncoated Ingredients
Welcome, ladies and gentlemen, to the Great Chocolate Experiment, where I, your humble researcher, aided by my Research Assistant and Tasting Panel, apply the Scientific Method in order to determine which foods taste good with chocolate – and which do not. In Part 2, as you may recall, we discovered that chocolate-coated sun-dried tomatoes and roasted garlic were tasty indeed, while chocolate coated gum was utterly disgusting.

At the end of Part 2, I asked our readers to submit their suggestions for items to test in the next edition. And did you ever! Suggestions ranged from canned frosting to wasabi peanuts to beer, but in the end, only four ingredients could make the cut. So, read on and enjoy this very special edition of the Great Chocolate Experiment…. Because you asked for it!

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The Great Chocolate Experiment (Part 2)

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Chocolate Experiment 2 Original Ingredients

In Part 1 of our Great Chocolate Experiment, we conducted a series of scientific tests in an attempt to determine which foods go well with chocolate. (You may wish to reacquaint yourself with our original hypothesis and research methodology, as well as the results of the first experiment.)

Based on the results of the first test, this researcher and her trusted Research Assistant came to the conclusion that some foods taste good coated in chocolate, while others do not. But the results were largely inconclusive – we knew that there were still many foods in the world that could prove to be chocolate’s undiscovered perfect partner. Clearly, more tests were required. So, we carefully hand-selected a new batch of quality ingredients, gathered our materials, and forged ahead into the great unknown wilds of candy making.

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The Great Chocolate Experiment (Part 1)

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Ingredients before

Purpose: Chocolate goes well with many flavors, both sweet and savory. As well as the traditional sweet ingredients, sea salt, curry powder and even bacon can also be found in chocolate bars these days. In the spirit of these unusual creations, the purpose of this experiment is to pair chocolate with new and unexpected flavors in an attempt to discover which ones will provide inspiration to the chocolatiers of tomorrow.

Hypothesis: Some items will taste good coated in chocolate, while others will not.

The following ingredients will be tested in today’s experiment:

Gummy Bears: Will coating this fruity favorite in chocolate create a treat that’s twice as nice? Or will this portion of the experiment “bear”-ly make the cut? (This researcher apologizes profusely and promises to avoid attempting to make puns in the future.) This combination is the same as Muddy Bears, which Heather decided weren’t great but weren’t terrible.

Skittles (Original fruit flavor): Will “tasting the rainbow” still be as delightful an experience when that rainbow is smothered in sweet, sweet chocolate?

Cheetos Puffs: The researcher’s sister swears that in elementary school, Cheetos dipped in chocolate pudding were “like, the best lunch ever.” Will the experimental data support or refute these claims?

Broccoli: A nutritious vegetable, but, to some people, not a delicious one. By combining this healthy foodstuff with chocolate, can science create a treat that will convince kids (and maybe even former US presidents) to eat their greens?

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Candy Theory of Relativity

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Sugar molecule

(Image Courtesy of The Exploratorium)

Many people are probably aware of Einstein’s Theory of General Relativity, but few are likely aware of its relation to candy. When this scientific tenet is applied to candy, the theory states that a candy’s taste is relative to its surroundings.

Okay, so maybe that’s a bit of a stretch, but it is important to note that candy is affected by its surroundings. One important aspect people often ignore is temperature. Commonly, most people eat candy in this manner: you’re driving and suddenly get a craving, park at the nearest 7-11, buy that Twix staring at you from the candy shelf, and have consumed half the bar by the time you’re back in car.

Instances like this are examples of candy being consumed at room temperature. There’s nothing wrong with this way of eating candy, and in fact, candy like chocolate is often considered to taste best at room temperature. But have you ever tried a Twix frozen? I have, and I must confess it’s a great way to enliven your favorite confections that might have lost their zest over the years.

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