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Looking to sweeten up your summer wardrobe? Why not add a little sugar with some candy-inspired jewelry! I’ve scoured the internet for fun, colorful and playful items that, when worn, may cause you to chase after ice cream trucks, build a tree fort, or play in a sprinkler. Yes, they are that inspiring and adorable.

Candyware Summer Gum Fancy Necklace
This Summer Gum Fancy Necklace from Candyware truly is simple and sweet. I love the bright colors of the gum pendants, and frankly, this necklace seems conservative enough to even be worn during office hours. Personally, I would buy all three colors and wear them like medals of candy honor. And I’ll be checking back at the site for the jewelry in development – the glass gumdrop looks so tantalizing!

Molly Brown Three Jelly Bean NecklaceI’m also enamored with the Three Jelly Bean Necklace from Molly Brown. I’ve been into charms lately and this necklace gives me the opportunity to choose my own beans. Interestingly, the “ice cream” colored bean looks similar to the delightful Jelly Belly Buttered Popcorn bean. I’m thinking that’s a good place to start color coordinating. Then I’ll get raspberry, and then orange and then… I will practice a little bit of restraint.

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