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Fried Reese’s Cup Disaster

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Fried Reese's Cup Preparation

Since frying candy is so popular these days, I decided to strike out on my own and fry a Reese’s Cup. It was my birthday weekend, and a fish-fry with friends provided the perfect opportunity to batter and cook candy. Despite working without a recipe (I didn’t feel like putting in the effort) and never having fried candy before, I was confident. How could someone possibly mess up fried candy? Talk about famous last words.

Any of the bad choices of the many I made that day could have spelled disaster on their own, but in combination, produced the nastiest concoction I’ve ever cooked.

My mistakes, somewhat in order: battering the Reese’s Cup with cornmeal, flour, and Zatarain’s Seasoned Fish-Fri; using a shish-ka-bob-sized skewer; plopping the battered candy in canola oil that had already fried 37 fish; and, finally, tasting the stinking mess.

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Review: Deep Fried Coca-Cola

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Deep Fried Coke

Talk about disappointing. When I first wrote about deep-fried coke, it sounded wonderful! It was being offered at the Texas State fair and I could only hope it would make its way to the NC State Fair! Sure enough, it did – I was going to get to try it for myself. I love cola flavored candy and was imagining that deep fried coke would be even better than the deep fried snickers I had at last year’s state fair. I was sadly mistaken.

The only thing I can think of is that the NC vendors didn’t get the “real/official” recipe from the recipe creator and were just winging it – poorly. The concoction consisted of small funnel cake crumbles in a Coke cup with some whipped cream and a cherry on top. Cinnamon was in a shaker for you to put on yourself. The coke-flavored funnel cake just barely tasted of Coke and there was no additional Coke syrup on top as the original news article says there should be.

I tried it first without cinnamon then I added some to it and both ways it just wasn’t any good and I actually ended up throwing away half of it. If I can ever verify that they are making it correctly (and with the extra Coke syrup on top), I might try this again, but until then, I’m steering clear. I’m surprised they didn’t make deep fried Pepsi though since Pepsi was invented in New Bern, NC, not too far from Raleigh.

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Deep-fried Snickers in the papers again

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Deep-fried Snickers

It’s almost time for state fairs to start rolling into town again and that means more deep fried candy bars. The editor of the Patriot Ledger (a newspaper in Boston) emailed me last week asking if they could use one of my pictures of deep-fried Snickers in their paper. I said yes (and why not?) so here’s the online article, photo credit and all. For those keeping score, that’s the second paper that has used that picture – I guess that’s because they are the only good pictures of a deep-fried Snickers that can be found online and our review is the #2 Google hit.

I do like that review though – it’s the first one that I remember that I tried to be funny and (I think) it worked. I had fun with it. I wasn’t even trying to do a good job with those pictures I took and now that set of pictures is more famous than this whole site is. Maybe I should change careers and start photographing fair food. Nah, too seasonal. State fairs come once a year, candy is everyday.

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Fried Candy Bars in NYC

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Chip Shop NYC

Oddly enough, my review of Deep Fried Snickers is one of the most visited pages here on Candy Addict. Recently, the topic of fried candy bars came up in discussion in the candyswappers group. Sarah had this to say:
If you’re a New Yorker, there’s the always wonderful Chip Shop in Park Slope. They deep fry lots of candy–and an Atkins bar. I think you can even take them your candy bar of choice if they don’t have it and they’ll fry it up for you. Either way, they’ve got Mars bars:

Poking around on their site, they do indeed fry Atkins bars “(Double battered w/extra sugar if you want)”. The other fried items include: Mars Bar, Bounty (a British version of Mounds, not the paper towel), Twinkies, Twix, Snickers, and Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups. So, if you’re ever in NYC and need a heart attack on a stick, stop by the ChipShop.

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Review: Deep Fried Snickers

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Another view

My family and I went to the 2005 NC State Fair last week and I vowed I would get myself a deep-fried Snickers. I had heard stories about how good they are, but in all the years (5?) I have attended the NC State Fair, I never tried it. They deep fry all kinds of things at the fair: Oreos, Twinkies, Cheeseburgers, strawberries, etc. but, being a Candy Addict, I had to try the deep-fried candy bar. Read on for the full description and pictorial.

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