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Candy Review: Chocolates Britt

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Chocolates Britt Variety Pack

Zoo Jellies in Vietnam. Minties in Australia. Marshmallows injected with green apple-flavored goo in Hong Kong. Kit Kats in Italy (some things you just can’t escape). Toblerone, Violet Crumble, Haribo Gummies, Ritter Sport Bars… I am a bit of a traveling fool and there are few thrills greater than walking into a supermercado – or tabbac, or roadside stand made of banana leaves – in a foreign land and alighting upon a rack of exotically enticing treats. So you can imagine my excitement, I’m sure, as well as my course of action, when I found myself in a Costa Rican airport earlier this summer, with a fistful of nonexchangeable colones just waiting to be spent.

It turns out that Costa Rica’s Café Britt, with its line of Chocolates Britt products, has pretty much cornered the San Jose International Airport candy market. And thanks to their very generous attitude towards free samples (much appreciated by the weary traveler), I was able to partake in a number of their delicious gourmet dark and white chocolate covered confections (namely coffee beans, passion fruit, macadamia nuts, pineapple, and cashews) before committing myself to a bag of dark chocolate covered guava jelly and one of dark chocolate covered cacao nibs.

Now, safely Stateside and a couple months removed from my latest adventure, I think it’s about time to relive all the Central American fun. Lucky for you, Candy Addict has a very lenient passport policy, so feel free to join me.

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