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Candy Video Flashback: Old School M&M’s Commercial

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Oh, how I love this commercial. An old school gem from the early 80′s, this is the type of M&M’s commercial that carried the brand through the decade: happy jingles, close up shots of the (now retro!) bag of Plain M&M’s being poured into someone’s hand, and the happy M&M’s themselves, dancing about. Though our M&M friends have gotten a makeover over the past 25 years, what with computer animation, a slightly darker sense of humor, and clearly lower voices, the heart of these commercials remains the same: M&M’s are a fun and delicious candy, and, as the jingle here states: all the world loves them.

Be sure to look for my buddy, Tan M&M, who makes an appearance in this commercial. We will never forget you, Tan M&M! Though I’m not sure if it’s you in the commercial, or Orange M&M, I’m going to choose to believe it’s you! That’s how desperate I am to see a Tan M&M, people!

Also worth noting in this commercial is the computer the two kids are using. I’m pretty sure I played Oregon Trail on that computer in 1986. And I’m also pretty sure that I did it with a bag of M&M’s by my side.

Candy Commercial: Orbit Raspberry Mint Gum

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I love this commercial. It doesn’t make me want to go out and buy Raspberry Mint Orbit Gum, but it does makes me laugh every time I see it. Here’s a transcript:

  • Lint Licker: You son of a biscuit-eating bulldog!
  • Stinky McStinkface: What the French, Toast?
  • Lint Licker: Did you think I wouldn’t find out about your little doo-doo head Cootie Queen?
  • Cootie Queen: Who are you calling a Cootie Queen, you Lint Licker!!!
  • Lint Licker: Pickle you, Cumquat!!!!
  • Stinky McStinkface: You’re overreacting!
  • Lint Licker: No Bill, overreacting was when I put your convertible into a wood chipper. Stinky McStinkface!!!!!
  • Cootie Queen: You Hoboken.


Moodle-agic: Good and Plenty (and Weird)

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I recently came across this wonderfully bizarre series of Good and Plenty commercials that ran around 1959.

I’m not a big fan of licorice. Perhaps that’s why I don’t have the ability to make quarters cry, as our young friend George does in the first commercial of the series. For some reason, a bouncing piece of candy (a Good? a Plenty? Help me out here, Caitlin!) decides to share some moodle-agic tricks with George, which George then shares with his friends, including one girl who is wayyyy too turned on by all of this.

The bouncing piece of candy communicates with George through “Oodle-talk”, which, apparently, is a language much like English, but with unnecessary oodles thrown in. In the third commercial of the series, we are given a quick “Oodle-talk” run through by two more bouncing pieces of candy, who simplify it for us by spelling out the nonsense on the screen: good becomes goodle, delicious becomes doodleicious, and Mary becomes Moodleary, which, sadly, she has probably been called since 1959.

The best moment in the clip occurs in the fourth commercial: a genuinely creepy shot that has now instilled in me a deep fear of all things Good and or Plenty. A young girl makes her candy stealing friend disappear, then turns to the camera with a look that makes one wonder if, perhaps, evil comes in oodle form. I still don’t like Good and Plenty, but after seeing her face, there is no frooodleakin way that I’ll mess with anyone who does for a very loodleong time.

Classic Tootsie Pop Commercial Gets a Makeover

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(click to watch video)

I don’t know how many times I’ve imitated Mr. Owl when I eat a Tootsie Pop. Something about his eager “One. Two-hoo! A-three.” piqued my interest from a very young age, which meant that the original animated commercial was extremely effective.

Cartoon Brew, an animation blog, recently discovered that this classic commercial received a 3D makeover. Instead of plain ink drawings on a stark background, everything in the new commercial is extremely detailed, from the ground underneath Mr. Turtle’s feet to the leaves on the trees behind Mr. Owl. Unfortunately, the little boy now looks like a mutated Hobbit.

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Snickers Super Bowl Commercial

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I was actually on board a cruise ship in the Caribbean (more about that soon) during the Super Bowl, so I missed this commercial when it was first shown. I didn’t even know about it until yesterday when someone sent me an email about it. I’m not sure why this guy thought I was Snickers or Mars or really why he thought this site has anything to do with Snickers. You’d be surprised how many oddball emails about candy I get. This is the actual email I received:

I have to express my discontent on the Super Bowl commercial advertisement which features two men kissing after eating the same candy bar. As a family man, I was disgusted, to have that display of disregard and inconsideration from corporation which once consisted of better family values. You can be sure that my support for your products as ended.

The snicker bar company has hit a new low and I say new, because, with all the crude companies out there, no one knows what to expect from their commercials; I would have never expected the one company which would push the envelope this year would be the one company that we love the most.

I will discontinue consuming. I have the eyes and ears of over 450 families in my circle of friends and families. You can count on me sharing my discontent with them as well.

It turns out there was a enough backlash form the public about the commercial that Snickers has pulled the ad. Even the supporting websites for the ad now redirect to the main Snickers website.

So what do you think – is the commercial funny? disturbing? offensive? Leave a comment!

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