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Jellio’s Wonderful World of Candy-Inspired Home Decor

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Jellio Sweet Death Candy ArtStrolling down Wooster Street in search of the Jellio Pop-Up Shop, I was suddenly captivated by a large, inviting sugar skull portrait made entirely of candy. A closer look revealed a unique piece of art whose myriad of colors and diverse candies came together to form something that was truly breathtaking. It was certainly enough to pique my interest and get me excited about the candy-inspired furniture inside.

A kind doorman welcomed me to the pop-up’s opening reception with a pack of Haribo Gold-Bears, and then I stepped into a vibrant, colorfully decorated room that would excite any Candy Addict®.

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Show Your Candy Love… With Socks!

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Chocolate socks

Maybe it’s already abundantly clear to your family and friends that you’re a Candy Addict®. Maybe you’re already lucky enough to receive assorted boxes of bonbons for National Gumdrop Day, National Taffy Day, and National Chocolate-Covered Anything Day. (Those are real holidays, by the way, celebrated on February 15, May 23, and December 16, respectively.) But maybe you’d like to kick it up a notch and make sure that no one in your life has any doubts about your greatest affection.

If so, nothing says, “I love you” like a new pair of candy-themed socks! Sock Dreams sells these adorable chocolate socks for $10. I received the socks as a gift, cleverly wrapped around a pound of chocolate. And when I made my stylish debut at work, I had people stopping me all day to make comments about them…which I can only hope means that my my coworkers will begin deluging my desk with all the Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, Milky Ways, and Snickers leftover from their own chocolate indulgences.

S’more 101 T-shirt

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S’more 101 T-shirt

(image from

I’m not really a big fan of numbers. Or science. Or instruction manuals, for that matter. So I don’t really know if all the specs work out. But I do enjoy t-shirts. And I love s’mores. And since my affinity for the latter outweighs my disdain for the former at a ratio of exactly 7652:1 (did I do that right? Like I said, I’m really more for the candy than the math) I feel that puts me in the clear to adore this S’mores how-to shirt from Threadless.

My only concern? I have always – always – constructed my s’mores with the marshmallow on top of the chocolate square. Have they changed the rules since I took S’more 101? ‘Cause I gotta tell ya, I don’t know that I’m willing to change. It’s pretty perfect that way. Despite this flaw, however, I am looking forward to the “more detailed instructions” promised to follow in S’more 201. Do you think that includes the introduction of additional ingredients? Because a thin layer of peanut butter spread beneath Graham Cracker Sheet #1 makes for an awesome advanced s’more.

Skittles Prom Dress

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(photo from Theperilouspopsicle)

Making your own prom dress can go one of two ways: you can end up with a Pepto-Bismol trapezoid with sleeves and a lace doily collar, ala Molly Ringwald in Pretty in Pink, or you might end up with a rainbow-inspired prom dress like the one designed by Theperilouspopsicle, a poster on – a killer candy frock made entirely out of Skittles wrappers.

She claims that it took 15 hours and 101 Skittles wrappers to complete her creation. Apparently, she only likes red Skittles, but luckily her friends were around to help her polish off the other colors in the Skittles rainbow. She also received wrappers from strangers after posting an ad on Craigslist. Candy Addict teamwork!

Have any of you ever seen any prom dresses made out of candy wrappers? If you could design your own, what would it look like? I’d love to try making one, but my prom days are long gone, and I don’t think Atomic Fireball wrappers are really appropriate evening wear material.

Thankfully, there are creative Candy Addicts like Theperilouspopsicle out there to design these candy couture wonders for us. In her post, she says that the Skittles prom dress “looks rather epic on”, and I have no doubt that it does. Anything made with this much love (and this much candy!) has got to be beautiful.

Candy Clothing: The Ultimate Footwear for a Candy Addict

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Xhilaration Candy Shoes

One of the first things I do upon meeting someone new is to check out their shoes. Although this probably makes me shallow and superficial, you really can learn a lot of helpful shallow and superficial information about someone by glancing at their footwear. Obviously, I go through life assuming that people will likewise judge me by my shoes. And knowing this, you can imagine my delight when I stumbled upon this pair of adorable, candy-themed canvas flats.

Were I to meet someone while strolling about in these shoes, I’d hope that they’d deduce the following facts about me. First, they would see that I am the type of person who chooses footwear based on its ability to allow me to run from predators. They may then note the playful color scheme or the adorable Mary Jane styling of the shoe and then decide that I’m a girl who appreciates a cute, versatile pair of shoes. But most importantly, they would see the playful lollipops and wrapped candy and be certain to realize that I love the sweet stuff. This may cause them to produce from purse, pocket or fanny pack the appropriate sweets that would therefore buy my love or friendship. Genius plan, no?

You can find the Xhilaration® Suzi Mary Jane Skimmers online at and as of now, they’re already being offered at a discount. No excuses, candy-loving ladies (and gentlemen with dainty feet)!