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Candy Review: Choxie Truffle Bars

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Choxie truffle bars
When it comes to candy, decision-making is not my forte. On a recent visit to Target, I stood in the candy aisle, dazzled with options, and ended up leaving with not just one of their store-brand Choxie truffle bars, but four. Choxie has been around for a while, but I hadn’t tried anything in this line. I chose two milk chocolate bars and two dark chocolate bars: a dark chocolate raspberry lemon biscotti truffle bar, a dark chocolate mint cookie truffle bar, a milk chocolate crème brûlée truffle bar, and a milk chocolate peanut butter pretzel bar. The shiny, colorful packaging and the descriptions of what those packages contained rendered me (and my wallet) utterly helpless. I couldn’t wait to get home and discover how nearly $10 of Target candy products would taste.

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Candy Review: Target Choxie Artisan Truffle Tiles

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Choxie Artisan Truffles

I haven’t posted a review here for a while, but it’s not because I haven’t been eating candy. It’s because I made the mistake of saying that I would review these Target chocolates, and I have been unable to face up to it. It’s just too depressing.

I have prided myself on always being able to get something to write out of a candy – if it’s terrible, at least finding something funny to say about it. But there’s nothing funny about how bad these are.

It’s just totally depressing that Target thinks they can fool us into thinking that these are ‘artisan truffles’ just because they have fashionable flavor names and are visually a poor imitation of the most high-end sort of chocolate, and that it doesn’t matter that as something to actually eat, they’re totally awful.

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Choxie Recalled Because of Peanuts

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Yep, two Choxie posts in one week. Consider this a Public Service Announcement:

Ross Acquisition Co., manufacturer of the Choxie brand candies sold at Target stores nationwide, is voluntarily recalling its double dark truffles candy because of the presence of unlisted peanuts or peanut butter. As a precautionary measure, the company is also recalling Choxie brand milk chocolate truffles, milk chocolate peanut butter balls and milk chocolate caramel balls, even though these items do not contain any unlisted allergens.

People with a peanut allergy who consume the contaminated product run the risk of a severe or life-threatening allergic reaction.
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I, nor any member of my family is allergic to peanuts, but it’s scary to think what could happen if someone allergic to peanuts ingests some.

News article at The Weekly
FDA Press Release

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Target FINALLY has Choxie on its website

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I’m not sure why it took them so long (about 5 months since the launch last October), but Target finally has Choxie on their website and that page will be returned if you search for Choxie. I wrote about the mysterious absence of Choxie on Target’s website back in November. I would LOVE to know the story on why it took so long. Inept IT department? Poor planning? Troubles with their web developers? We may never know. Still nothing at (which Target owns) though.

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Candy Quickies – three mini reviews and other misc. stuff

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Crazy Delicious

  • I tried the Hershey’s Peanut Butter Kisses yesterday. The PB was creamy and tasty, but there was too much of it and not enough chocolate for me. I’d rather have a Cherry Cordial Kiss personally.
  • I had a Hershey’s Twosomes Whoppers a few days ago too. It has “malted crisped rice” in it. I love malted milk balls, but this tasted almost just like a Nestle Crunch to me. It was still pretty good though.
  • I also tried the Choxie Warm Spiced Caramels recently. At first I didn’t like them – too much cinnamon and nutmeg in them – tastes like a gingerbread cookie. The more I ate though, the more I liked them. I’m not sure if I got a bad batch though – about half of them had nice soft caramel inside and the other half were actually a bit crunchy. The soft-centered ones were good.
  • I finished the stale Red Vines yesterday. They sat there as I was working from home and I couldn’t stop eating them. Even stale they are pretty good.
  • My daughter and I finished off a box of Botan Rice Candy the other day too. Of course, there are only 6 pieces in a box, so finishing a box doesn’t take much. Man, I love those. The tattoo looked like a sailor’s tattoo and said “True Love”.
  • Just for fun I made some “motivational posters” based on the SNL Lazy Sunday/Crazy Delicious skit. Grab the full-sized images and print them out to use as cube decorations!

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