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Retro Flashback: Gummi Bears Cartoon

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Gummi Bears Cartoon

I don’t know what made me think of this the other day, but does everyone remember the Gummi Bears cartoon? It was a bunch of lovable Gummi Bears living in medieval times and trying to thwart Duke Igthorn and his ogres’ evil attempts at capturing the Gummis and their magic. Drinking GummiBerry Juice made them into super-bouncers, and if their trusted human friends drank it, they got super-human strength (temporarily). My favorite line from the show is “Okie-dokie, Dukie” said by one of the Duke’s little ogres. I still say that every now and then (yes, I’m weird).

The Gummi Bears was created by Disney and originally aired on NBC from 1985-1991. The Gummi Bears was Disney’s first foray into television animation so it is therefore significant in cartoon history. I think it is the best TV show ever based on a candy (I think it’s the only one).

UPDATE: The Gummi Bears DVD is now available!

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