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Candy Press Release: Butterfinger And G4 Announce Nationwide Search To Find Fourth Member For Butterfinger® Defense League

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How far would you go to defend your BUTTERFINGER®?

Butterfinger has partnered with the G4 TV network to announce a search for the 4th member of the Butterfinger Defense League (BFDL). Two lucky semi-finalists will meet current members of the BFDL — Erik Estrada (CHIPS), Lou Ferrigno (The Incredible Hulk) and Charisma Carpenter (Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel) — and G4’s Attack of the Show! hosts Olivia Munn and Kevin Pereira at Comic-Con in July when G4 broadcasts the announcement of the winner live.

Butterfinger is looking for those who best demonstrate an ability to ensure the Butterfinger tagline “Nobody’s Gonna Lay A Finger On My Butterfinger!” Audition videos must show a unique ability that would make the candidate a great defender of Butterfinger and thus a perfect fit for the BFDL. Two finalists will win a VIP trip to Comic-Con in San Diego where one will be named honorary member of the BFDL and receive the $20,000 grand prize.

Entries are being accepted through June 24 at

Candy Review: Butterfinger Buzz

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Butterfinger Buzz package

Package disclaimer: “Not recommended for pregnant women, children, or persons sensitive to caffeine.” (This includes YOU, weird pregnant guy expecting your second kid in June!)

Huh? This is just wrong: A candy bar aimed straight at the shaved heads of wacky, Jack-Ass-style twenty-somethings. In this fast-paced and hectic age, do we really need more buzz? I guess someone thinks so.

The Nestle advertising blitz and buzz (can you sense the trend here?) features online videos of highly energized male and female actors playing the part of young adults shaving one another’s heads and spray painting stencils of the Butterfinger Buzz logo onto their freshly revealed scalps. The ads seem to shout: THESE COOL YOUNG PEOPLE ARE CRAZY AND YOU NEED TO HANG OUT WITH THEM RIGHT NOW!! A paintball gun is even used – that was crazy sick YO! No, just stupid. All this for a candy bar? And not a very good one? Come on.

At the very least, the campaign seems forced. Certain candy icons should never be messed with.

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Candy Review: Butterfinger Giant

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Butterfinger Giant

A lot of people don’t like Butterfingers (I am kinda in the middle myself), but even if you don’t, it’s a candy bar you should appreciate for its uniqueness. Sure, it’s not as good as a 5th Avenue (before they started using mockolate), but it actually predates the Hershey version by thirteen years to be the oldest, most popular peanut butter candy bar on the market.

Over the years, Butterfingers have undergone a variety of changes. They were reinvented as Butterfinger BBs, Butterfinger Stixx, and Butterfinger Crisp (the best candy spin-off to date). Each version offered a new way of consuming the classic flavor with some twist. For those readers old enough to remember the 90s, you might even recall Bart Simpson popularizing the bar with his catchy slogan of “Nobody better lay a finger on my Butterfinger!”

Over the years, one spin off I often saw was the Butterfinger Giant tempting me from numerous candy aisles; however, I never bothered to buy one. I was actually a little confused by them, to be honest. The packing is similar to the über-large Crunch bars Nestle also produces. Since the wrapper reads “Butterfinger pieces in milk chocolate,” I was always left speculating if this was a flattened and large Butterfinger bar, like how Crunch bars are all the same taste, just varying in size, or was this a Nestle milk chocolate bar with Butterfinger pieces loaded inside?

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Candy Review: Butterfinger Crisp

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Butterfinger Crisp

Even though I ate this Butterfinger Crisp about a month ago, I kept the wrapper for article writing purposes. Now I find myself sitting here, sniffing the wrapper and desperately wishing it still had some candy inside. It’s a 180 turn around for me, because when I got it I wasn’t really all that excited about it. I’m just not a die-hard Butterfinger fan – while I like the texture and flavor, I find the whole thing just a bit too sweet.

This bar is a huge improvement on the original. It still has the delicate flakiness of a Butterfinger bar, but it’s sandwiched between several layers of plain wafers, and then the entire thing is covered with chocolate. It’s the love child of a giant Kit Kat and a classic Butterfinger, only way better.

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Butterfinger’s “Make the Most of Any Moment” contest

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Butterfinger MTMOAM

Wanna win some cool prizes from Butterfinger? Do you have a video camera? All you have to do is create a video that portrays how to use Butterfinger, and its ubiquitous “Finger” icon, to make the most of life’s most mundane moments.

The prizes are pretty sweet too (no pun intended):

  • Grand Prize is a handheld video camera, one MacBookPro and video editing software and a Butterfinger “schwag” gift bag
  • 9 Finalists will win a video camera with a built-in MP3 player and a Butterfinger “schwag” gift bag
  • All entrants receive Butterfinger product

The rules are simple:

  1. Video must feature Butterfinger, Butterfinger Crunch, and/or the Butterfinfer “Finger”
  2. Video must be less than 100MB
  3. You can’t use copyrighted images or music
  4. Entry must be submitted by November 1 (so hurry!)

Entries will be judged as follows:

  1. 35% Originality
  2. 35% Laugh Factor
  3. 25% Creative use of Butterfinger and/or The Finger
  4. 5% Quality of Production

The top 10 videos will be feature at and visitors can then vote for their favorite. You can see all the current entries at the YouTube page and if I read things correctly, there are only 9 entries currently – that’s some pretty good odds that you can at least be a finalist and win a video camera! I’m tempted to submit one myself! In fact, I have an extra brand new FollowTheFinger” tshirt – first person to submit a video to the contest that says “” in it (visually) will get the tshirt. Just contact me and give me the link to the video on YouTube.

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