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Candy Review: Beer Taffy

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Beercandy Stout and IPA Taffy

Right before Father’s Day, I had posted about Beercandy and how it would make a great gift for Dads everywhere. I mentioned in that post that I was planning to order some of their products for my beer loving husband for Father’s Day. After all, what could be better for a beer-loving guy? Well, I spoke true and now I can tell you all about their Beer Taffy. I would have also reviewed the Beer Caramels, but sadly, since it was a Father’s Day gift after all, they were consumed before I could taste the. I had asked him for some details that I could include in the review but all he could tell me was that they were the best caramels he ever had.

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Beercandy For Father’s Day

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Well, it’s that time of year again, Father’s Day is coming and you haven’t gotten Dad a gift yet. I’m sure you’re trying to decide between that Home Depot gift card or a BBQ set. WAIT! Don’t buy anything yet until you’ve read this!!!! I’ve found the ultimate CANDY to give as a Father’s Day gift: Beercandy! Yes, that’s right, candy made with beer. You have your choice of Caramels, Beertaffy, and HopDrops (which are hard candies made with real Hop oil).

Steve Casselman began brewing beer at home back in 1985. This past October, he started the Beercandy website in order to bring his beer candy to life. Steve uses 4 kinds of beer to make his candy: IPA, Stout, Lager and Lambic.

My husband is a huge beer fan and I’m actually on the site right now, ordering some Beercandy for his Father’s Day gift. Review to come!

Skittles Plus Beer = Skittlebrau

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This is old news, but worth posting just in case any readers missed this the first time it made the rounds on the internet. Evidently, in a Simpsons episode, Homer Simpson made a reference to a beer with candy in it and called it Skittlebrau. The linked page describes how someone actually tried this out with various beers and malt beverages like Bacardi Silver. Sounds nasty in general but I can see how it might add to the taste of some of those “hard lemonade” malt liquor drinks.

The Art of Skittlebrau