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Candy Video Flashback: Old School M&M’s Commercial

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Oh, how I love this commercial. An old school gem from the early 80′s, this is the type of M&M’s commercial that carried the brand through the decade: happy jingles, close up shots of the (now retro!) bag of Plain M&M’s being poured into someone’s hand, and the happy M&M’s themselves, dancing about. Though our M&M friends have gotten a makeover over the past 25 years, what with computer animation, a slightly darker sense of humor, and clearly lower voices, the heart of these commercials remains the same: M&M’s are a fun and delicious candy, and, as the jingle here states: all the world loves them.

Be sure to look for my buddy, Tan M&M, who makes an appearance in this commercial. We will never forget you, Tan M&M! Though I’m not sure if it’s you in the commercial, or Orange M&M, I’m going to choose to believe it’s you! That’s how desperate I am to see a Tan M&M, people!

Also worth noting in this commercial is the computer the two kids are using. I’m pretty sure I played Oregon Trail on that computer in 1986. And I’m also pretty sure that I did it with a bag of M&M’s by my side.