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Candy Addict Staff Writer – Robby

So Robby likes to talk in the third-person whenever he has to write about himself in order to make it seem less awkward in his mind. Robby, aside from being a long time candy addict, is confusing if nothing else. He spends his days going to the gym, hanging out at his fraternity, camping, and watching Sports Center on ESPN, but then spends his nights being a contemporary dancer, writer (poetry mostly), avid reader, and taking naps. When he is not in graduating from UCLA this June or moving all his stuff (including ~100 pounds of candy) to Austin, Texas, he can be found working some 9-5 he has yet to find in order support his baseball-hippy-whatchamacallit-lifestyle, as he plans to earn his MFA in Creative Writing, Poetry in the next year or so.