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Candy Addict Staff Writer – Monica

Working in a candy store (as well as a book store and movie theater) has long been a small fantasy of mine. So what can I say about a gig that sends me candy, lets me write about it, and then – to top it off – gives me small sums of money in exchange for the service? Sometimes you just have to compromise. I have a real history with candy, though; me and candy, we go way back. In my youth, after my father moved out of state, he frequently sent goody-filled packages to my brother, sister, and me. Naturally, this taught me one lesson: Candy + UPS = Love

So my affinity for sweets is no real surprise. (And it sure beats a fetish for men in tight brown shorts.) Back in those naive days, I think yellow Starbursts were among my favorites (I’ve since seen the error of my ways, as red is clearly the superior Starburst), but intensely dark chocolate is my true confectionery love. I balance my rabid candy consumption by otherwise adhering to a strict organic vegan diet (not really, but I’m entirely amused by the idea), and when my hand’s not in the candy dish it can usually be found around a cereal bowl; I’m a pathological Cereal Dater and write all about my adventures on my blog, Chex and the City.