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Brian founded Candy Addict in October of 2005 and is still the founder, owner, and all-around candy expert.

I’ve always loved candy since before I can remember. I had some free time in my schedule and really wanted to start a fun site that maybe more than just my friends would read. Geek stuff came to mind since I’m an uber-geek, but that space was already too crowded. I need a niche that wasn’t crowded but that I really enjoyed and could write about. Candy came to mind. I looked to see if there were any other candy blogs around and there were a few, but none of them took the approach that I wanted to take, so I figured I’d go for it. Now, after running this site since October of 2005 and eating and writing about countless different candies, I’m now considered to be somewhat of a candy industry expert. Go figure.

I’m 30-something 40-something and therefore I was a kid during the 70s and 80s (man, that makes me sound OLD). Candy actually isn’t my whole life though. I actually get paid to write software in Java – that’s what keeps me busy M-F 9-5. I am a software developer and I work for an awesome non-profit in the Washington, D.C. area.

My first paid “writing gig” was writing PC game reviews for a few different fairly big name gaming websites. I also wrote for a site called Tipmonkies for a while, writing general computing tips, but once Candy Addict really started taking off, I had to give that up. I also write in my personal blog called My Vogon Poetry where I cover mostly geek and personal stuff.

I am married to a beautiful, wonderful woman who (sorta) puts up with the candy all over the house and we have one beautiful daughter who is now eleven years old. They are the real loves of my life.