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Everyday is like Christmas when you’re reviewing candy. Sometimes, you get the bike for which you longed the past three excruciating months, other times, you get socks. Unlike gift receiving, politeness and manners get thrown out the window when unbiased reviews are needed. Here, I get to say “Socks are a sucky gift. Nobody wants socks, Grandma”. If a candy is gross, I’m gonna tell ya so. Fortunately, there is a lot of candy out there and I’m up for all of it. I have yet to find a candy I won’t try twice. Editor’s note: That’s not true. You obviously forgot about the sausage jellybeans.

In addition to my Candy Addict duties (only in America can you call eating candy a duty), I work 9-5 for an e-commerce company and help people relive memories and express themselves. I am super lucky to be doing so much of what I love to do and so little of what I am not so fond of doing. I’ve learned a lot writing for this blog and it’s been a great introduction to what can summarily be described as internet marketing. I’m finally getting to use that marketing degree for something! Besides, I’m a helpful person and like to be helpful. How else would you know about all the awesome candy out there and who would warn you about the gross stuff? That’s right, us. Looks like I’ve found my calling.