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Top 14 Candy Gift Ideas – The Best of the Best Candy of 2008

We here at Candy Addict eat a lot of candy. Over the past year, we’ve reviewed over 260 sweets and treats, but only 14 were deemed worthy of our highest honor: the Awesomely Addictive Candy Award, an award given to candies that truly stand out as being the best of the best. We don’t […]

Snackerrific Roundup: Snacks And News Go Healthy This Time ‘Round

Our sister site Snackerrific has been digging the latest the trends of healthy snacks. Why, in these last few weeks, there have been reviews on yogurt, cookies made from an assortment of whole grains, chocolate-covered bananas, and baked cheese curls. There’s even an article written explaining the science behind why bed-time snacking isn’t really that […]

Snackerrific Roundup: Extreme Makeover Website Edition, The Tastiest Mystery Novel, And The Antipodean Cookie Invasion!

It seems like just yesterday our sister site Snackerrific was just a little girl. Now, she’s growing up. This popular young lady has even gotten herself a makeover with some flashy animated logos and a new design that just dares you not to get hungry looking at it. And it’s not just her looks that […]

Snackerrific Roundup: The New Reese’s of the Snack World, How to Lose Weight Without Trying, and Japaenese Syllabic Poetry!

There are moments in your life when a little voice inside you screams for joy when you see a particular snack on the supermarket shelf. For me, my inner, former fraternity boy persona did exactly that this past week. And what could be responsible for such an awakening? Beer Chips! Yes, that’s right, they now […]

Snackerrific Roundup: The Skinny on Free Food, an Unexpected Nutritional Treat, and Something Even Your Mom Would Approve Of

I’ve spent the better part of this past month traveling around the country for work. Aside from the fact that it’s a pain not to be able to sleep in my own bed, meals are a burden. Often, I don’t have kitchens where I stay and must resort to heading to the local gas station […]