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Name That Candy: Chocolate Cherry Candy Bar

UPDATE: SOLVED! It sucks to remember a great candy from your childhood but not be able to remember its name. We get a good number of emails from people trying to remember candy from their childhood. Recently we got one from a reader named Paul and it’s got me stumped. Can anyone help Paul out? […]

Name That Candy: Mystery candy from The Sneeze

(picture from The Sneeze) I meant to post this much sooner, but it’s still interesting even if it’s three weeks after the fact….Steve at The Sneeze posted a fun “guess what this is a picture of” kind of game. He didn’t say it was candy, but since it’s on Candy Addict, you now know it’s […]

Name That Candy: Dynamints

Finally a “Name That Candy” that I got right – I haven’t been doing very well with those lately. I received this email today from a reader named Tom: I dont recall much. From the 80′s – red/purple/orange tic tac type candies that came in a horizontal (rectangle) flip top plastic container. There were single […]

Name That Candy: double-sided triangular lollipops

Once again I have received another email from a Candy Addict reader trying to find the name of a candy they had as a kid. This one is from Maria: I remember this double sided lollipop from the early to mid 80′s that came in pastel-ish colors and had triangular-like candy on either end of […]

Name That Candy: Fizzy, Sour, and Disgusting Color

The other day I received an email from a reader trying to remember the name of a candy she had when she was young. The only things I could think of were Zotz and WarHeads but they don’t quite meet the description below. It has stumped me, so I put it to you, the readers. […]